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Staying Involved with JealousBrother Friends, Rivals, and Rivalries Just Got a Whole lot Easier

Monday, March 29th, 2010

We’ve added some exciting new features to
Don’t forget to become a Facebook fan and to follow us on Twitter. (Links are on the right) Staying involved in the energetic debates just got a whole lot easier. Here’s some of the great new features we’ve added to the site.

Profile Notification System: Your profile has received a very cool notification system. Look for the “Recent Activity” link on your profile. This cool new feature will inform you whenever someone leaves a comment on rivalries you started, replies to one of your comments left on a rivalry, and when a new shout has been left on your profile. This feature takes the guesswork out of figuring out who’s interacting with who.

Email Notification System: The new email notification system will promptly notify you whenever you receive a JealousBrother private message, a new shout on your profiles wall, or a new reply to one of your comments. As always, JealousBrother respects your privacy and you can turn email updates off at any time by navigating to “Edit Profile” section of your profile.

Five Entertaining Features Added to an Already Feature Packed

Tuesday, January 13th, 2009

On behalf of the JealousBrother team, we want to thank everyone who has supported our website. We hope you all had a wonderful 2008 and we wish each and everyone of you the best in 2009. There’s a lot going on in our world today and there will certainly be a lot of things to discuss and debate on JealousBrother. We’ve been busy working on the site and wanted to let you know what we’ve been up to. Thanks for your ongoing support and we look forward to seeing you on the site.

-Ryan Kazinec

Recently Added Features:

  • You now have a JealousBrother EGO!
    That’s right, the more you participate the bigger your Ego gets. Just don’t get too cocky.
  • It’s now easy to Invite your friends to JealousBrother
    We’ve added a friend invite box to your profile. Just enter your friends email and we’ll let them know you think they should check things out.
  • The People page has been redesigned
    The people page has an whole new look that recognizes the users with the biggest Egos and also highlights the ten newest comments added to rivalries.
  • There’s now an Upcoming tab on the main page
    Now you can view the newest rivalries that are on there way to the top. Just click on the Upcoming tab.
  • You can now label and describe your photos
    Soon you’ll be able to leave comments on photos as well.

5 Things you might not know about

  1. You can start your own rivalries—In any category, about anything you’d like.
  2. You can add music, videos, comment images, and more to your profile by inserting html code into the “About Me” and “ShoutBox” sections of your profile.
  3. You can send private messages to your friends as well as public shouts on their profile.
  4. Don’t like what someone has to say? You can vote their comments up or down.
  5. The search bar at the top of the website will find both people and rivalries that match your search terms.

Want to know more about the founder of

We have a lot plans for JealousBrother in the future and we sincerely value our users opinions so if you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or critiques please let us know. Contact Email –

Building a Social Network: Logo Design: Clip Art, Simple, or Custom?

Saturday, August 16th, 2008

If you want your website to stand out and be easily recognizable then you will need to consider a custom logo to go along with the unique domain name you have already registered. Once again there are multiple options for getting this done. There are numerous companies online who offer custom logos for a flat rate. These companies usually allow for a certain amount of revisions and offer a multitude of guarantees. I personally chose a different route so I can’t comment on this from personal experience, but I can tell you that I would be very uneasy trusting my information with a company I knew very little about.

It is quite possible that your web developer could design a custom logo and if he/she is comfortable doing so then that is likely the best path to take. However, programs like Adobe Illustrator are very complex and creating high quality vector illustrations is truly an art, as is creating websites, so it is easy to understand why a developer could be brilliant in html, php, mysql, etc… and not be a jedi master in illustration. I mentioned vector illustrations for a particular reason; if you’re planning ahead they are a must. Once again I am not an expert but vector images/illustrations can be blown to any size without losing image quality. This would be ideal for billboards, signs, etc… for the future marketing of your website. This is different from jpeg’s and gif’s because to increase the size of those images you actually have to zoom in, which is what causes the picture quality to diminish and what creates the digitizing effect you get.


All About

Monday, July 28th, 2008

Where did the name Jealous Brother come from?
I am the youngest of three children with a brother and sister. My brother and I have always been competitive but in more recent years we both became homeowners and our competitive nature has sky rocketed since then. Most notably we began competing over lawn mowers; I received an old riding mower from my mother-in-law and was sure to rub it in my brother’s face that I no longer had to push mow my grass. He then purchased a more powerful riding mower than mine and the cycle continued. The name surfaced as I was leaving my brother a boasting message on his voice mail. I jokingly said, “I posted new pictures of my mower on you can check out.” It wasn’t until several relatives asked if it was really a website that I realized it could be a good idea.

The JealousBrother Logo was Loosley Designed from this Picture.

The JealousBrother Logo was Loosley Designed from this Picture.