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Where did the name Jealous Brother come from?
I am the youngest of three children with a brother and sister. My brother and I have always been competitive but in more recent years we both became homeowners and our competitive nature has sky rocketed since then. Most notably we began competing over lawn mowers; I received an old riding mower from my mother-in-law and was sure to rub it in my brother’s face that I no longer had to push mow my grass. He then purchased a more powerful riding mower than mine and the cycle continued. The name surfaced as I was leaving my brother a boasting message on his voice mail. I jokingly said, “I posted new pictures of my mower on you can check out.” It wasn’t until several relatives asked if it was really a website that I realized it could be a good idea.

The JealousBrother Logo was Loosley Designed from this Picture.

The JealousBrother Logo was Loosley Designed from this Picture.

How long have you been working on Honestly, it seems a lot longer than it has actually been but it has been over a year and a half since I registered the domain.

Who are the owners of is proudly owned and operated by my wife and me, a working class couple. What are our goals for the website?Just like any business owners we’d love for the website to catch on and become a successful and large online community.

What do you want people/users to get out of the website? Just like the comedic relief and fun our family gets from our sibling rivalry, we want everyone to have fun. Of course there will be serious issues discussed on JealousBrother as well and in those situations we hope for the discussion to be both informative and educational. JealousBrother has been designed with the users in mind, we made every effort to make the website easy to navigate and easy to understand. Of course, no one is perfect and that includes us, so if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions please do not hesitate.

So where are you from? Crystal and I live in East Tennessee; however, we weren’t born here. Crystal was born in Kentucky but spent her younger years in the Tampa area of Florida. I was born and raised in Northern California and actually lived there up until the age of 21, I am now 27 30.

How did we meet? Believe it or not, we met online. We actually met on AOL of all places. After chatting for a couple of weeks online and on the phone Crystal snuck in and scoped me out while I was working at Sears. The next day she came in with her mother and actually introduced herself, we’ve been together ever since. (That was in August of 2003)

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  1. Well Well Well, Here I find my Nephew!!! I can’t believe it… Well maybe when I get to Tennessee you will teach me how to have my own web site….
    Miss you all and hope to see you and your new lovely wife soon. Say hi to all. Any new Ghosts lately???
    Love Auntie juju

    Posted on by: JUJU
  2. Aunt Judy!
    It is only fitting that the first comment on our JealousBrother blog is from family. It’s great to hear from you and I would be happy to get a website setup for you. I set mom up with two blogs, one for crafting and one for ghost hunting. No new ghosts here, we have them all contained at moms cabin. lol. Let us know when you and Bob get out here, we’d love to have you guys over for dinner.

    Posted on by: bigkazzyry
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