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Corona Virus Blown out of Proportion

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As we are living through what is deemed a Pandemic by governments across the planet, some very Draconian restrictions, laws, regulations have been put in place. So the question is, has the response been appropriate or has Covid-19 (Corona Virus) been blown way out of proportion?


Posted by in Health / Diseases on 5/04/20
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Jeni Lynn - 5/4/20 @ 1:56 PM:
The negative unintended consequences of this lock down are going to be rippling through society for years to come. This, I believe, will be the first of many lock downs if we don't start pushing back.

American's need to just go back to life as they see fit. I you want to stay home and close your business fine, but the rest of us are not afraid of the covid boogey man!

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mama kaz - 5/4/20 @ 11:22 AM:
100% blown out of proportion. According to my age I'm elderly even though I hate that word and do not "identify" as such and have health issues. I am 100,000 times more concerned about the impact on our country than I am with this virus that has an approximate 99.58 survival rate.
I've noticed three groups of people who are vehemently opposed to reopening.
1. Those with retirement, pensions, social security or the ability to do their jobs at home. Their lives, fiscally speaking, haven't changed.
2. Those raking in obscenely large unemployment checks. Most are making more than when they were working and more than most essential workers.
3. People who hate Trump and would do anything to get him out of office.

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The Boss - 5/4/20 @ 10:22 AM:
Definitely blown out of proportion. The focus should be the elderly and immune-compromised. Meaning, they should be isolated and protected but we cannot continue to sacrifice our economy for the sake of a virus with a death rate likely below 2%. We had a prison outbreak in Tennessee where something like 998 inmates tested positive and only 2 required hospitalization. The majority of the rest were Asymptomatic. This aligns with the Anti-body testing coming out of California.

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cutie122403 - 5/4/20 @ 9:56 AM:
It has been completely blown out of proportion.
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