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Tuition Cost is Worth Education

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Depending on the state, university, and field of study a student can be saddled with debt ranging from 15 to 250 thousand dollars. As tuition consistently rises it’s a legitimate question to ask is the massive cost worth the education?


Posted by in Other / Education on 5/28/12
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mama kaz - 6/12/12 @ 7:36 AM:
I did not go to college but did work in the only field that I was interested in for 20 years. I got to do everything I wanted to do and never had a problem getting or keeping a job. Many of the educated people who came on board didn't last because they were lacking in the skills that only come from doing the job.

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Sarah Forester - 6/7/12 @ 9:21 PM:
I voted neutral because even though i am going to begin my second to last semester in August, if it were not for my financial aid I don't know that I would be able to get the degree I am working on. I feel VERY fortunate to be given this opportunity at my age and do not take it for granted.

Side B Comment

lynx55 - 5/28/12 @ 3:15 PM:
Erasing ignorance is worth any cost. They can never foreclose on, repossess or in any way take away my education or what I have learned. Education received at the ☛ hands is priceless. It depends on how you look at it. If you are looking at education = your monetary worth or future earning power, or, at the fundamental growth of all mankind exponentially for each educated child OR adult.

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The Boss - 5/28/12 @ 12:21 PM:
I would love to further my education but frankly the debt I would be forced to burden outweighs my desire enhance the piece of paper sitting on a shelf in my office. For people like me self-education through research and action is far more desirable than a student loan payment the size of a luxury car.
LIBERAL - 5/29/12 @ 11:52 PM: Rival | Side B
Sorry Ryan, but you can not put a price tag on an education. I do not care what it costs. Not to mention the many avenues for which to acquire the revenue for furthering your education. Although I admire some for attempting self-education it is simply not the same. It is only through a classroom type social interactive atmosphere that we are truly able to objectively view differing subject points. I was asked once if the reason I love to discuss matters (debate) is because I am so apt to confrontation. I told them "No. I love to debate in order to see someone else's views from a differing perspective." This is the only way we truly educate ourselves. Interaction with others. It is the only way we learn. The only way we inspire others to do better. The only way we prevent ourselves from past mistakes. Education is priceless. Despite any price tag that may be placed upon it in any generation. Simply put, I'd rather be a college graduate driving a Pinto than an illiterate idiot jerk driving a Mercedes.
The Boss - 5/30/12 @ 6:56 PM: Ally | Side A
While I certainly see your point I have to strongly disagree. Maybe it's my business mind set but you HAVE to analyze your return on investment (ROI) and determine whether or not it's cost effective to attend college. Currently there are certainly means to get a decent education for under 25k and while that's a bit steep I could argue it's worth it for a number of reasons. However we are facing a crisis that will push College tuition to the point of making it a horrible investment in the very near future. Tuition is skyrocketing faster than inflation and wage increases and if it doesn't slow down or retract community college could cost 50k and at the point you really have to ask yourself when you'll see a ROI.

You are right there are many avenues to have your schooling paid for (or borrow) if you're below the poverty line and especially if you've popped a couple of kids out that are being fed by EBT and WIC but for all of us working folk those handouts aren't available as someone has to pay for them.

Sure you can take student loans out but again one has to ask whether or not 20 years house payment(some situations. Car payment size is probably closer currently) size student loan payments are doable with their potential income level when you factor in the cost of living with expenses, rent, food, etc... (Those of us who pay for our own food, rent, etc...) ;)

While I do somewhat agree with you that you tend to learn better in the classroom with differing opinions and views I would also argue that opposing views, different ideas and outlooks are also widely available on the internet. This is how I've taught myself the likes of mysql, php, jquery, javascript, html, css, etc... Now if we're referring to something like a x-ray technician, nurse, or any other specialized field then it would be nearly impossible to learn in any other setting the classroom and lab. I guess it really depends on what you want to do with your life.
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