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Staying Involved with JealousBrother Friends, Rivals, and Rivalries Just Got a Whole lot Easier

We’ve added some exciting new features to
Don’t forget to become a Facebook fan and to follow us on Twitter. (Links are on the right) Staying involved in the energetic debates just got a whole lot easier. Here’s some of the great new features we’ve added to the site.

Profile Notification System: Your profile has received a very cool notification system. Look for the “Recent Activity” link on your profile. This cool new feature will inform you whenever someone leaves a comment on rivalries you started, replies to one of your comments left on a rivalry, and when a new shout has been left on your profile. This feature takes the guesswork out of figuring out who’s interacting with who.

Email Notification System: The new email notification system will promptly notify you whenever you receive a JealousBrother private message, a new shout on your profiles wall, or a new reply to one of your comments. As always, JealousBrother respects your privacy and you can turn email updates off at any time by navigating to “Edit Profile” section of your profile.

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) System Amazingly simple yet so useful. You can now subscribe to JealousBrothers RSS feed(s). That’s right I said Feeds as in plural. You can subscribe to JealousBrothers main feed, any rivalry category feed, as well as individual rivalries.

JealousBrother Main Feed: This will keep you informed of the latest rivalries featured on the main page. Navigate to and click on the RSS button on your browser or on the button on the JealousBrother header.

Category Feeds: Simply click on the category you’d like to subscribe to and then click on either one of the RSS buttons. (Browser or JealousBrother Header)

Subscribe to Comments on Individual Rivalries: A little different than your typical RSS feed, this feature will email you with any activity that takes place within that particular rivalry. (You can unsubscribe at any time)

Last Login Date: Your JealousBrother profile now boasts a last login date. If one of your friends hasn’t logged in for a while make sure you give them a hard time.

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