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Do You Have More Compassion for Homeless Pets or Homeless People?

Wednesday, December 30th, 2009

If you were to ask my wife if I was a sensitive guy her answer would be a resounding no. In fact aside from a few (several) bad habits I would have to say my lack of sensitivity is one of my character traits that could use some fine tuning. With all of that being said there are a few things that scavenge up some raw emotions. For one, believe it or not I’m a total sap when it comes to chick flicks. Who would have guessed it? Secondly and quite frankly the reason I’m writing this article is my absolute love and affection for animals. Sure I prefer dogs to cats but I have always had special kind of love for animals.

Homeless Dog in Tennessee
After looking back at a rivalry I started several months ago I decided to raise the same question again, only this time on the JealousBrother blog. As I was working one day in a small town in East Tennessee I noticed a stray dog ravaging the Food Lion (grocery store) parking lot for food. The idea for the rivalry that follows was instantly spurred from my very brief interaction with this poor dog. Every time I see a stray I tend to ask myself multiple questions. Where’s this pets owners? Did they abandon him/her? Should I call the shelter? Will this poor animal end up dead on the side of a road? You get the point.
Who do you have more compassion for, Homeless People or Homeless Animals?

I’ve bumped into a couple of different conversations with people on this very topic and the discussions usually hit altering points of view. The topic I’m referring to is whether you have more compassion/sympathy for a homeless pet or a homeless person. Before you start calling me names and telling me how bad of a person I am I would appreciate at least a minute to explain my point of view.