| Change Log

5/3/2014: Add Rivalry Page Updated

The rivalry description field has been changed to allow more characters in the description and has been altered from a single line text input to a multi line texttarea.

8/23/2012: Rivalry Join Feature Upgrade Bug Fixed

There was an error that was preventing users from commenting on rivalries after initially joining them. A user kindly pointed this out and it has now been corrected. If you join a side in the rivalry the comment box will now reflect that change. Happy Debating.

8/20/2012: Rivalry Join Functionality Upgraded

What used to take two page refreshes now takes zero. The user interface has been drastically improved. Joining rivalries is now nearly instantaneous.

8/15/2012: Rivalry Comment Rating Upgrade Now Live

The rivalry comment rating system just received an overhaul and is much more intuitive, pretty, and has a much friendlier user interface. Try it out and let us know what you think.

8/8/2012: Bug Fix: Category and Sub Category Pagination

A bug was fixed that prevented users from paging through rivalies when viewing specific categories and sub categories. We apologize for the inconvenience.

8/8/2012: Rivalry Rank Authority for Users with Large Egos - Power Users

We have added a feature that rewards users for the size of their egos. When a user starts a rivalry the initial ranking power of the rivalry will vary depending on the size of that users ego. Here's a hint. No users occupy several of the top tiers of ranking authority. Keep building those egos.

8/6/2012: Email Verification Activated

In the interest of maintaining a one account per user policy we have reactivated email verification for new user registrations. This means an email address must be verified before the account is activated.

8/4/2012: Code Name: Envious Brother. Algorithm Update Implemented

The JealousBrother Algorithm has been rebuilt from the ground up and should now result in a much better set of results and hopefully drastically improve the speed of page loads when viewing the main site is it's subsequent pages.

7/30/2012: User Stats are now available

We've added a "User Stats" section to each users profile. This allows you to view all kinds of interesting details about your activity on JealousBrother. A few examples: Number of rivalries started and joined, comments written, number of comment votes, etc... Simply navigate to your profile and then locate the User Stats link in the navigation menu directly under your name (and ego points).

7/19/2012: New Rivalry Heading

New rivalries are now highlighted with a heading that clearly shows that it's a new rivalry to the site. Once the rivalry has aged a bit and is no longer new the heading drops off.

7/19/2012: The Official "Top Rivalry" is back!

Long time users will remember a time where there was a featured rivalry (Top) that was highlighted at the top of the website, well it's back, kind of. While before we felt it was a bit overwhelming and took up too much content space we think we've found a great middle ground where not only the rivalry is highlighted but so is the "Creator" of the rivalry. We hope you like it.

7/17/2012: User Influence Feature Implemented

Don't ask me why we didn't put this in place a long time ago but we have implemented a new feature that allows users to directly influence the authority of rivalries on the website. Simply "Inflate" or "Deflate" a rivalry to influence the ego/authority of each rivalry. We have modified the algorithm to put a lot more power in the hands of our users. Of course, we'll tinker with things a bit.

7/6/2012: Added Facebook Privacy Settings

To respect the privacy of Facebook Users we have added the ability to disable Facebook Actions. What this means is that a user can decide which actions get published to their Facebook Timeline. These settings are located within the edit profile section listed under "Facebook Privacy Settings". Currently, the only interactions that submit Facebook Actions are joining rivalries, starting rivalries, and commenting on rivalries. We may add more Facebook Actions in the future but we will also add the accompanying privacy settings.

6/12/2012: Users with Large egos can now edit and delete their own comments for a period of time.

It's about time we start recognizing the authority of the users with abundantly large ego's. That's right, certain cocky users who've inflated their ego's enough can now edit and delete their comments for up to ten minutes after submitting them. This is just the start of new features being added that will recognize the size of a users ego. Have Fun!

5/21/2012: JealousBrother Facebook Application is now public

Our Facebook Application is now live and ready to install.
JealousBrother App on Facebook

5/14/2012: Facebook Integration Application Completed. Awaiting Facebook Approval

The JealousBrother Facebook Application is now completed and is only awaiting approval from Facebook for our official Facebook application page and a few Open Graph Actions. If you're impatient (And we'd completely understand) and don't want to wait for our official application page you can install the app by clicking on the "FB login" button on the header of our website. (This button will only appear if you are not logged into JealousBrother).

Important Note: If you are already a JealousBrother user and would like to maintain your profile, images, and everything else attached to your account make sure your Primary Facebook email address matches the one you use with JealousBrother. If it doesn't make sure and change one or the other so they match prior to installing the application. Otherwise a new account will be created without your information being merged.

4/29/2012: Facebook Integration Approaching Public Testing Phase

We have been working on a Facebook Application that allows new and existing users to utilize their Facebook Accounts to seamlessly login and interact on without the need to remember or enter secondary login credentials. We are quickly approaching the stage of development that will require public testing. If you're interested in helping us test the application email us at

4/29/2012: Users Alias Must be Unique

Previously users could create an Alias display name with no restrictions and while we fully recognize some users don't want to have their real name displayed we also need to ensure there aren't any duplicate display names. With that considered, users are still free to choose an Alias display name but that name has to be unique. In other words, we don't want twenty users with the exact same display name.

4/1/2012: Added Comment Replies Label | Based on user suggestion.

It was brought to our attention that it might be useful to know which side each user is on that is involved with rivalry comment threads. We felt this was a wonderful suggestion and implemented it the same day it was made. In addition to the declaring the commenting users side it also details whether they are an "Ally" or "Rival" of the original commentor.

3/23/2012: Streamlined Rivalry Comments for logged in users

When users are logged in they are now only shown excerpts of rivalry comments with the option to view the entire comment. The direction comments are displayed has also been changed; the newest comments are listed first.

3/17/2012: Rivalry Comment Rating Function Upgrade

Corrected an exploit to the rivalry comment rating system that enabled users to up or down vote comments on a large scale.

3/7/2012: Modified Email Notification System
Added intelligence to the email notification system to prevent duplicate emails from being sent to individual users.

7/25/2011: Added Family Filter Feature
After JealousBrother users complained about character filtered swear words a new feature was added that allows users to opt in to view the profanity in all it's glory; or something like that.

4/10/2011: Neutral Side Addition
There were numerous complaints that users couldn't comment on rivalries where the two sides were too extreme for their taste. User now have the ability to take a Neutral Side and comment away without being forced into taking a side they don't agree with.