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Silly Rabbit, Trix are for Kids! vs. No, Everyone should have Trix!

"Are Trix just for kids? "

0 comments | Posted in Health / Foods on: 12/03/16

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Sony Playstation Neo - 4.5k vs. Microsoft Xbox Scorpio

"Both Sony and Microsoft have decided to break the game system cycle and will be releasing two upgraded consoles of the same platform instead of releasing completely new consoles. Both companies also claim this won't kill the current systems, only compliment them and offer up more choices. Question is, which system will be better? Which ..."

2 comments | Posted in Gaming / Consoles by: on: 6/24/16

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Donald Trump Wins General vs. Hillary Clinton Wins General

"If the Presidential election comes down to Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton who will win the presidency? "

1 comments | Posted in Politics / Elections by: on: 4/22/16

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Blocking Muslims Goes Too Far vs. Trump is Right. Deny Entry to Islam

"Donald Trump has been doing what he does best, stirring up controversy. His latest stance on denying access to all Muslims until the US can get it's security issues straightened out has caused a media frenzy. Is the Donald right or is he flirting with bigotry? "

0 comments | Posted in Politics / News by: on: 12/09/15

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Emailgate Legitimate Concern vs. Hillary Clinton Did Nothing Wrong

"Emailgate has been all over the news with the potential of some classified information being contained in some of the emails actually handed over by Hillary Clinton. Is this a witch hunt like the progressive networks claim or a legitimate concern as the media on the right are claiming? "

0 comments | Posted in Politics / News by: on: 8/23/15

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Force Church's to Support Gay Wedding vs. Recognition by the State is Enough

"With the SCOTUS landmark ruling that forces all 50 states to recognize gay marriages, another question is raised. How much does Freedom of Religion matter? The gay community and media attacked and sued many private business owners for refusing to provide services for gay weddings so what about Church’s and ministers? Should they be forced ..."

1 comments | Posted in Other / Religion by: on: 6/26/15

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Public Union Contributions OK vs. Not OK, Tax Payer Funded Jobs Fund It

""The country’s largest trade union for public employees -- gave more than $65 million last year to politicians, lobbyists and activist groups, according to 2014 federal reports obtained by Watchdog.org." Considering Public jobs are funded by tax payers, is this okay or should it be considered forced political donations? Source: http://watchdog.org/209976/government-union-politics/ "

0 comments | Posted in Politics / News by: on: 4/05/15

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Inflate Gate. Blown Out of Proportion vs. Serious Issue. Patriots are Cheaters

"Is Inflate Gate a serious infraction or just the media blowing a non-issue out of proportion? Coach Belichick and the Patriots have been caught cheating before. "

3 comments | Posted in Sports / Football by: on: 1/24/15

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Spam in a Can vs. Spam in your Mailbox

"Which type of spam would you rather have? "

1 comments | Posted in Other / Humor by: on: 1/18/15

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Amazon Echo - Creepy and Invasive vs. Echo is Innovative and Cool

"Amazon has just unveiled a new product that is either brilliantly innovative or a mix of invasive and creepy. The device itself behaves similar to Siri or Google Now but is constantly connected to Amazons cloud presumably feeding them all kinds of information, audio, etc... Again, this could be brilliant but could also be the ..."

1 comments | Posted in Tech / Devices by: on: 11/07/14

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Ebola is More Contagious than Claimed vs. Ebola Not Airborne. Under Control.

"The CDC, state, and federal governments have gone out of their way to proclaim Ebola is not a crisis in the US. They've also claimed it's not airborne but developments this morning regarding a healthcare worker add to the speculation that Ebola is indeed airborne and much more of a threat to the US than ..."

1 comments | Posted in Health / Diseases by: on: 10/12/14

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Purest Intentions for the Cause vs. 30 Seconds of Fame - Seek Attention

"It’s hard to argue that bringing attention to a life threatening illness isn't positive but at some point after seeing the six thousandth video posted to Facebook a person has to at least question the intentions of the people partaking in this “Ice Bucket Challenge.” Whether subliminal or conscious, are the participants in the ALS ..."

0 comments | Posted in Health / Diseases by: on: 8/27/14

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