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Amazon Echo - Creepy and Invasive vs. Echo is Innovative and Cool

"Amazon has just unveiled a new product that is either brilliantly innovative or a mix of invasive and creepy. The device itself behaves similar to Siri or Google Now but is constantly connected to Amazons cloud presumably feeding them all kinds of information, audio, etc... Again, this could be brilliant but could also be the ..."

1 comments | Posted in Tech / Devices on: 11/07/14

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Ebola is More Contagious than Claimed vs. Ebola Not Airborne. Under Control.

"The CDC, state, and federal governments have gone out of their way to proclaim Ebola is not a crisis in the US. They've also claimed it's not airborne but developments this morning regarding a healthcare worker add to the speculation that Ebola is indeed airborne and much more of a threat to the US than ..."

1 comments | Posted in Health / Diseases by: on: 10/12/14

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Purest Intentions for the Cause vs. 30 Seconds of Fame - Seek Attention

"It’s hard to argue that bringing attention to a life threatening illness isn't positive but at some point after seeing the six thousandth video posted to Facebook a person has to at least question the intentions of the people partaking in this “Ice Bucket Challenge.” Whether subliminal or conscious, are the participants in the ALS ..."

0 comments | Posted in Health / Diseases by: on: 8/27/14

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Green Bay Packers vs. 49ers

"Which team has the better quarterback and running back combo? Aaron Rodgers and Clay Matthews or Colin Kaepernick and Frank Gore? "

0 comments | Posted in Sports / Football by: on: 8/08/14

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Samsung vs. Apple

"Which company makes tablets and phones that have better quality screens? Apple or Samsung? "

3 comments | Posted in Tech / Devices by: on: 7/14/14

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Johnny Test vs. Stressed Eric

"Which show would you rather wipe? "Wipe" means "Destroy." "

0 comments | Posted in Entertainment / Television by: on: 6/20/14

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Negotiating with Terrorists. Bad Idea vs. Worth it to free an American Soldier

"U.S. Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl has been released in an deal that allowed 5 Guantanamo prisoners to be released in exchange for the release of the Bowe. It's certainly great news that our soldier is free at last but is negotiating with terrorists a good idea even if it saves a life? It has to ..."

3 comments | Posted in World / Conflicts by: on: 5/31/14

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Emily Lett is Brave and Beautiful vs. Video is Morally Bankrupt Filth

"Emily Lett's video has pro-lifers up in arms and the pro-choice crowd praising her attempt to eliminate the stigma surrounding abortion as next to heroic. Emily represents the growing baby inside her as a choice and an absolute inconvenience she's not ready for. Was Emily brave and beautiful for sharing this personal experience or does ..."

1 comments | Posted in Health / News by: on: 5/10/14

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Can Single father hold their own? vs. Single Mothers Make more sense....

"Im bias since I am a single Dad, but which do you think is a better fit? A single Mom, or a single Dad? "

1 comments | Posted in Health / Mental Health by: on: 4/29/14

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Yelling builds character vs. No need to yell at them

"Does yelling and screaming at kids help parent? Or does being a mellow parent help more? "

3 comments | Posted in Health / Mental Health by: on: 4/24/14

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Sharyl Attkisson Telling the Truth vs. CBS News is Being Honest

"Who's telling the truth? Is CBS News actively censoring journalists who investigate the current administration? Sharyl claims the same censorship did not occur when reporting on George W Bush. Who's Lying? "

2 comments | Posted in Politics / News by: on: 4/21/14

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Legal Marijuana is a Good Thing vs. Legal Pot Use - Bad - Errodes Society

"The Mile High city has taken on a whole new meaning with the economic evolution of pot bakeries and the legality of marijuana. 420 has attracted a wide array of people but the question is, is the legalization of Weed good or bad? "

1 comments | Posted in Health / Drugs by: on: 4/20/14

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