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Recognition by the State is Enough

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With the SCOTUS landmark ruling that forces all 50 states to recognize gay marriages, another question is raised. How much does Freedom of Religion matter? The gay community and media attacked and sued many private business owners for refusing to provide services for gay weddings so what about Church’s and ministers? Should they be forced to change their religious views and support gay weddings? Again, how much does Freedom of Religion matter?


Posted by in Other / Religion on 6/26/15

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DollyFan - 7/1/15 @ 11:27 PM:
As a gay man, I am fine with the government giving me equality and recognition. I would never sue a church or a clergy member for not wanting to perform my wedding ceremony. I would want to find someone and someplace that has the desire to accept me and my marriage. Separation of church and sate. If there is a business such as a pizza parlor or hardware store that wants to treat gays differently and refuse service to gays, then by all means, they should not be exempt from being sued. Go Episcopslians for allowing gays to marry in your churches!
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