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Both Sony and Microsoft have decided to break the game system cycle and will be releasing two upgraded consoles of the same platform instead of releasing completely new consoles. Both companies also claim this won't kill the current systems, only compliment them and offer up more choices. Question is, which system will be better? Which system will you buy?


Posted by in Gaming / Consoles on 6/24/16
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The Boss - 9/8/16 @ 2:50 PM:
So PS4 Pro was just announced and it does not have a UHD blu-ray drive. That is a deal breaker for me. Even the Xbox ONE S has a UHD drive. What a horrendous decision by Sony. I initially chose a PS3 over the XBOX 360 due to the blu-ray drive and it looks like Sony is pushing me back into the arms of Microsoft. FAIL Sony!!!!

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The Boss - 6/24/16 @ 9:57 PM:
I'm leaning towards the Playstation Neo but am still on the fence. I will be upgrading from my PS3 at some point this year so I'm curious to see the final specs.
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