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Doesn't Change My View of Target

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Has the recent theft of customer data from Target holiday shoppers and the way they've handled it impacted your view of the retail giant? Has it changed your shopping habits at the store or impacted whether you'll visit their stores?


Posted by in Business / News on 1/12/14
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Side A Comment

Olivia Newton - 3/31/14 @ 11:02 AM:
I find myself shying away from Target because I no longer trust their policies to protect my privacy.
And I'm sorry about this because I used to shop there frequently.

Side B Comment

mama kaz - 1/13/14 @ 8:07 AM:
We are at risk everywhere. I guarantee the govt will soon want to microchip us to "prevent" this from happening.

Side B Comment

Sarah Forester - 1/12/14 @ 9:04 AM:
As consumers this is an unfortunate risk we take when using our cards and giving our personal information at any retailer. This is NOT the first consumer breach nor will it be the last. It is a sad sad truth. I feel Target is doing what the should to rectify the situation and make good to their customers who were affected.
The Boss - 1/12/14 @ 10:21 AM: Rival | Neutral
While I mostly agree I think they took way too long to offer the consumers a free year of credit monitoring. They didn't come out and offer that until last week after it was released that 70 million consumers were involved in the breach.

Neutral Comment

The Boss - 1/12/14 @ 8:32 AM:
This event hasn't altered my perception of Target enough to quit shopping there as of yet. However, it does weigh on my mind when I visit the stores and if they have future breaches It will likely push me away as a consumer.
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