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12 iPhone Apps That Would Dominate (pt. 2)

We had been talking about a list of concept iPhone apps that would be pretty killer to have. We broke the post down into a couple pages since it was kinda’ long. Without further adieu, here are the next 4 concept apps on the list.

I present to you … THE LIST:
(in no particular order)

    Page 1:

  1. Blinksale
  2. Cigar Aficionado
  3. Any Good Wine App
  4. Meeting Place
  5. Page 2:

  6. Google Analytics
  7. Google AdWords
  8. Google AdSense
  9. Local Event Schedules
  10. Page 3: (coming soon)

  11. HSBC
  12. Meetup
  13. Barrons News
  14. Sim City Classic

Concept iPhone App: Google Analytics

By Google – Price: FREE

Why do we need this?

Seriously, how can you NOT need this. I mean – unless you’re not into web stats that is. But if you are in charge of a web property with any kind of significant traffic (especially e-commerce) you can’t deny your addiction to Google Analytics. There is nothing better than boiling your visitors down to little blue dots that you can manipulate with the help of this beautiful thing called Google Analytics. If nothing else, chronically checking Google Analytics is much more productive than minesweeper or solitaire.

Proposed feature set:

  • View tons of super sweet graphs
  • Landscape mode (if Bloomberg can do it – so can Google)
  • E-mail reports

Current App Store alternatives:

  • Oracle Business Indicators (??)

Concept iPhone App: Google AdWords

By Google – Price: FREE

Why do we need this?

I don’t mean to get into another rant here but I love stats. The primary difference between chronically checking analytics and chronically checking AdWords, is that you can lose your ass to AdWords if you’re not careful. So I tend to think it’s a bit more responsible. I’m sure Google would find value in extending this level of control to users of its #1 money maker.

Proposed feature set:

  • Manage campaigns
  • Manage keywords
  • Manage settings

Current App Store alternatives:

  • Yahoo! Search Marketing… nope
  • MSN AdCenter…. nope

Concept iPhone App: Google AdSense

By Google – Price: FREE

Why do we need this?

Among the many other things that people check like they have OCD is Google AdSense. I don’t know if Google would really want a million more hits to their servers from a bunch of bloggers just checking to see if they made $.20 more since the last time they checked. It probably doesn’t help their bottom line anyhow having to pay for more server techs. What would be really cool is if they could push the dollar amount to the home screen icon without even having to open the app (like the calendar that shows the current date).

Proposed feature set:

  • Display revenue by date
  • Push daily dollars to home screen icon

Current App Store alternatives:

  • none… there can be only one

Concept iPhone App: Local Events Schedule

By Anyone – Price: FREE

Why do we need this?

This is the type of app that lends itself to the iPhone platform. Usually people go to their local newspapers for this type of information but actually getting to an event requires planning, and all sorts of other annoying things to do like finding the paper to begin with. This kind of app would bring in all that information and place it around wherever you are. It would be great for promoters to get their information out to a mobile crowd, and great for people who go out right after work.

Proposed feature set:

  • Display upcoming events in many categories
  • Allow user submitted events
  • Allow filtering to try and sort through the noise

Current App Store alternatives:

  • LMK if you know of a good one. I’m sure there are many but it’s late and I’d like to go to bed now.

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6 Responses to “12 iPhone Apps That Would Dominate (pt. 2)”

  1. […] Google Analytics […]

    Posted on by: 12 iPhone Apps That Would Dominate | Official Blog
  2. I think I like the Google adsense version. I think that will be fantastic. Next I want to have Google Analytic version so I check my analytic. But when adsense integrated with adsense, then why should I need 2 i-phone.

    Posted on by: Hamdani Amin
  3. Events Schedule would rock! Many of my patrons use iphones. Hurry it up.

    Posted on by: another luna tic
  4. Eventful has a pretty nice iPhone app for event schedules, but you have to set up an account with them (fortunately it’s free). See for more info.

    Posted on by: Camden Hardy
  5. Hi All,

    We have just released our Google Adwords App for iPhone, please check it out:

    Posted on by: Ben Flux
  6. Good post. I think there’s already a few Google analytics apps out there, but I think yours looks better. Have you checked out at all? It’s an app that let’s you submit your own ideas for iPhone apps. The community gets to vote to pick a winner, which gets cash+profit, and gets to see their app made.

    Also, agree on local event scheduler. So many competing lists are published online about events, but no one seems to have aggregated them well for mobile viewing.

    Posted on by: daniel

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