Ban Smoking

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No way this is ridiculous!

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Would you agree to ban smoking or do you think this gives our government too much control?


Posted by in Health / Other on 1/15/11
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mama kaz - 1/19/11 @ 8:54 AM:
I absolutely hate cigarette smoke but if we do that then they won't stop there. They will have to pry the sugar and fats from my cold dead hands!

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Sarah Forester - 1/16/11 @ 7:48 PM:
I HATE smoking and am so glad it is banned from eating establishments, but banning it all together wont work. Next they would have to ban drinking.

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The Boss - 1/15/11 @ 3:24 PM:
Sorry folks. This is an intrusion of personal rights and overstepping of the federal government. Next they'll be telling us what to eat; oh wait Michelle Obama is already working on that one.

I would support banning smoking in cars while children occupy the vehicle, during pregnancy, and in any general area the public resides. However, I would never support the ban of smoking in your personal vehicle, home, or personal property/land.

Why would I support a ban on pregnant women and smoking with kids in the car? Simply put, the minute a smoker begins harming another individual hence intruding on their individual rights I have a problem with it. Should anyone have to walk into a grocery store through a cloud of smoke? Nope. Should an unborn child be poisoned by an irresponsible mother? Nope. However, if ANY individual wants to consume a LEGAL substance without impeding with another persons health or rights I have absolutely no problem with it.
cutie122403 - 1/15/11 @ 6:40 PM: Rival | Side A
I would definitely be for this. I see parents smoking all the time with all the windows up and the kids in the back seat. Its a very selfish habit.

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Jeff - 1/15/11 @ 2:08 PM:
Waht happen to the law they had to be 50 feet from the building?
cutie122403 - 1/15/11 @ 6:37 PM: Ally | Side A
Its still in place but no one seems to follow it.

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cutie122403 - 1/15/11 @ 2:04 PM:
I am ALL for banning smoking. There is not one thing about smoking that doesn't disgust me! I think some but not all smokers are so inconsiderate. They have banned smoking in doors in some states but you still have smokers standing at the entrance to these restaurants and places of business for everyone to inhale their smoke as they enter the store. I don't smoke therefore I do not want it in my body nor does anyone have the right to make you smell and inhale their smoke.
The Boss - 1/15/11 @ 3:26 PM: Rival | Side B
There's a big difference between banning smoking and enforcement of laws. If the current laws were enforced then you wouldn't have to walk through a cloud of smoke.

Be VERY careful what you ask for. The federal government loves deciding what's best for you.
cutie122403 - 1/15/11 @ 6:35 PM: Ally | Side A
I disagree. Even if there were new laws enforced there are still going to be a lot of people that don't go by them especially in the type of area that we live in.
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