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12 iPhone Apps That Would Dominate

Like most iPhone junkies, I cannot stop checking the App Store for updates. I’ve played out all the cool games like Fieldrunners, Blackjack, Bejeweled, Line Rider, Strategic Assault, Lux Touch, and Flashlight. I’ve settled on my core programs like Pandora, Bloomberg, iTrans NYC, BeejiveIM, RTM, AirSharing, and others.

I just can’t want to find the next great App. I understand the App Store is still in its infancy, apps are difficult to monetize, and people are scrambling to get their product out the door even if it’s buggy as hell. But I don’t care – the bottom line is that I’m impatient and so I’ve put together my own fantasy world list of apps that I would like to see. The criteria isn’t extremely objective; some of my apps may seem obvious and for the others I’ll offer up a bit of explanation.

I present to you … THE LIST:
(in no particular order)

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  1. Blinksale
  2. Cigar Aficionado
  3. Any Good Wine App
  4. Meeting Place
  5. Page 2:

  6. Google Analytics
  7. Google AdWords
  8. Google AdSense
  9. Local Event Schedules
  10. Page 3: (coming soon)

  11. HSBC
  12. Meetup
  13. Barrons News
  14. Sim City


Concept iPhone App: Blinksale

By Fire Wheel Design – Price: FREE

Why do we need this?

Because having your accounting info on the go is handy. Think about when you’re killing time – might as well keep those names of people who owe you fresh in your memory. You could also email an invoice immediately after presenting the deliverables, or record a payment received when you’re depositing the check at the bank. I suppose the reality of my reasoning behind this app is that I love Blinksale. I love it’s interface, I love it’s simplicity, and I think it deserves an app.

Proposed feature set:

  • View all invoices
  • Record a payment received
  • Create and send an invoice
  • Manage clients

Current App Store alternatives:


Concept iPhone App: Cigar Aficionado

By Cigar Aficionado – Price: FREE (+ subscription version)

Why do we need this?

The last issue of Cigar Aficionado had a ‘top rated’ tear-out that you could bring with you to the cigar store and read about the selection a bit before buying. It was a very nicely designed tear out and fortunately I spent enough time reading it on the can and memorized the ratings and general descriptions of those on the list. My only problem now is that when I go to the store, I have to try and remember what the heck was on that list. If I only had an iPhone app to lower my thinking requirement…

Proposed feature set:

  • Top rated cigar list plus…
  • …Social commentary
  • Upcoming events in my area
  • Featured articles from the latest issue
  • Order the latest issue or subscribe

Current App Store alternatives:



Concept iPhone App: Wine Pro

By Anybody – Price: $14.99

Why do we need this?

There’s a lot that goes into mystifying wine. (ex: Region, varietal, vintage, etc.) What does all that mean anyhow and how can I sort it out? If you drink wine and own an iPhone, chances are you’ve looked at the current offering of apps. I think they all each hit on one of the core features that a good wine app should have, but there isn’t one that just nails it. This app proposes to combine the best of everything.

Proposed feature set:

  • Record your wine info (photos, details, rating)
  • Research and read descriptions of wines
  • Learn definitions and food pairings
  • Read and contribute to social commentary
  • Check out deals and order bottles
  • Stores info locally and remotely
  • Accessable via web app

Current App Store alternatives:

Join the rivalry: iTasteWine vs. Wine Snob


Concept iPhone App: Meeting Place

By Anybody – Price: $.99

Why do we need this?

To be honest we don’t really NEED this app. It’s a pretty cool idea though you have to admit. Think “meet me near the ______.” The way it would work is fairly simple – just open the app, it get’s your location, and displays the most recognizable landmark (photo + description) by distance from you. In theory, you’d also be able to go to a map interface and find landmarks in a destination area or something. Another problem is that it would be entirely user generated content driven since this information doesn’t likely exist elsewhere. However, once there’s some data in the system, you could let people vote on each landmark.

Proposed feature set:

  • Display the most common landmarks near you
  • Find landmarks in destination areas
  • Contribute photos and descriptions
  • Browse through your own “bookmarked” places
  • Stores info locally remotely

Current App Store alternatives:

I doubt there’s something like this already. I’m not even going to look into it.

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  2. […] dan wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerpt… the ratings and general descriptions of those on the list. My only problem now is that when I go to the store, I have to try and remember what the heck was on that list. If I only had an iPhone app to lower my thinking requirement… … […]

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  3. This is the best post on site about iPhone, wonderfully displayed with emphases on the best of the iPhone use ..well done.

    Posted on by: Sam
  4. Great piece of article, I think there is so much money to be made if you were a mobile app developer I mean the marketplace for iphone apps is soo huge..

    Posted on by: Azi
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  6. Hello! simply super resource

    Posted on by: vefFaisse
  7. There are already great applications out there for cigars. FCR has four applications (One of which is FREE) that includes the top cigars of the month (that list includes best value cigars, outstanding cigars, and hot cigars. The free app is for 2006-2008 Top and Best Value Cigars.

    FCR’s Top Cigars of the Month. Each month for six months the user will receive a new and exciting list of the best value, most outstanding, and hot cigars for the month. The list includes two color photos of each cigar; one being a close-up of the cigar’s head and the cigar band, and the other is a full length photo of the entire cigar. Some of the information provided includes the cigar’s rank and score, it’s ring gauge and length, and country of origin (including the country’s flag in full color). So whether you are looking to save a buck or two with the value cigars, or just want to know what is smoking really great right now you can’t go wrong with our monthly lists. Remember the $1.99 is not for one month, but for six months of lists.

    Posted on by: Michael Wiehle
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  9. Usefull wine app list indeed!
    There is one missing though when it comes to tasting notes (besides, it is a free app) : Taste A Wine for iPhone.
    I have tried over 7 different tasting note apps (including paying ones) and it is by far the best. It really conveys the feeling that is was made by wine tasters for wine tasters.
    I can only advise you to try it for yourself by downloading it here

    Posted on by: Ben

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