Parking in Three Spaces

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Stopping in the Middle of an Intersection

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Which of these idiot drivers needs to be slapped upside their head?


Posted by in Other / Humor on 12/02/08
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Side A Comment

Ripi - 12/22/08 @ 6:53 PM:
Don't get me started. I hope none of you above drive stupidly. Parking BETWEEN the lines is a peave of mine. But notice how they turn corners. Seems some folks are afraid to use the steering wheel..they think the shortest distance in a left-hand turn is diagonal across the intersection & just barely missing the stopped car at the red light. I simply have to close my eyes and not watch. You should hear me in my car cussing out the other drivers!@@#$. And "ooooching" thinking the light is gonna turn green.
The list goes on and on and on and on and on............
The Boss - 12/22/08 @ 7:12 PM: Ally | Side A
Ripi, I'm afraid I do a lot of cussing in my car as well. You would think learning to drive in California I would have seen everything but these people in Tennessee CANNOT drive for $h&%. Out here people will pull out in front of you with absolutely no attempt to get up to speed. I'm talking 55 mph and higher zones. There are so many accidents because of these idiots.
Ripi - 12/22/08 @ 7:30 PM: Ally | Side A
I think EVERYONE should have to have a driving test frequently. Or maybe we should start using our horns> "HONK IF YOU DON'T LIKE MY DRIVING" I'd be on mine all the time.
The Boss - 12/22/08 @ 7:37 PM: Ally | Side A
I agree, and I just thought of another thing Tennessee drivers do. Normally an onramp is used for the purpose of getting up to speed before entering the freeway. Not here, here they casually accelerate and often enter 70mph freeways at 40mph. I really wish I could reach into their cars and slap the heck out of them.

Side B Comment

aballard23 - 12/18/08 @ 1:24 AM:
I honestly think that the intersection stopping is worse.

In cases of an emergency, if you're parked in the middle of an intersection the ambulance CANNOT get by you. I see this far too often living in Portland, Oregon. =/
The Boss - 12/18/08 @ 8:19 AM: Rival | Side A
You make a great point. Something about the pure disrespect to other customers and the establishment alone, I've got to stick with the moron in the parking lot.

Side A Comment

Jeff - 12/7/08 @ 5:28 PM:
I say smack away! geeze

Side A Comment

BigT - 12/5/08 @ 2:14 PM:
Hey, she didn't want to get that SEXY van messed up with door dings!!! LOL

Side A Comment

cutie122403 - 12/3/08 @ 11:23 PM:
This is great. People are so stupid. I don't know what this poor woman was thinking.
cutie122403 - 12/3/08 @ 11:24 PM: Ally | Side A
This proves that old people should not drive especially if they can't park.

Side A Comment

Sarah Forester - 12/3/08 @ 8:18 AM:
If you cant park in between the white lines....YOU should not be driving..tell me where she is Ryan i will smack her. I can claim temporary insanity due to being extremly cold, cranky and pregnant..:-)
The Boss - 12/3/08 @ 1:50 PM: Ally | Side A
Sarah, please direct your hormonal energy towards the Powell area, that is where this woman resides.

Side A Comment

mama kaz - 12/2/08 @ 11:21 PM:
People stop in intersections for a variety of reasons. People take up three parking spaces because they are inconsiderate jerks. I'm not one to key a car but, if I was, they'd be first on my list. I'm with Marv on people passing and then turning off. That really ticks me off.

Side A Comment

MARV - 12/2/08 @ 10:47 PM:
people do a lot of stupid things, one thing that bothers me is someone pass me and then turn off, and i have to slow for them.

Side A Comment

The Boss - 12/2/08 @ 9:19 PM:
I witnessed this jerk off today as I was heading into a food city. Not only did this inconsiderate idiot park sideways, she casually went into the store and did her grocery shopping. Someone please smack her upside her head!
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