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The Boss wrote on 1/16/11
Hey Jeff,
Would you mind re-posting this comment on the latest watching movie rivalries? Crystal accidentally started two of the same rivalry so I had to delete one which caused issues.

Your text was:
Its alot cheaper too we haave coke,popcorn and candy here love watching movies at home,not saying I dont enjoy going to see movies we love going to the drive in when its open.
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cutie122403 wrote on 1/16/11
Just wanted to say Thank You again for staying so active on the website! We really do appreciate it!
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The Boss wrote on 12/10/10
Just wanted to say thank you for starting some GREAT rivalries. It's been a VERY big help as I've been swamped lately. It is very much appreciated my friend and we'll have to have you guys over for dinner sometime once the babies settled in.

Love you guys.
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Dennis Plucinik wrote on 6/23/10
haha, you know I could just waltz right into that database and *give* myself 10k more points if I want... :)
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The Boss wrote on 6/04/09
Great Rivalry Jeff! The world ending one.
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The Boss wrote on 4/21/09
Hey Jeff. How are things going? Crystal and I are finally caught up so we'll have to set a date for you guys to come over for dinner.
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The Boss wrote on 2/21/09
Hey Jeff, wanted to let you know Crystal got a job! I'll send you a private message.
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Dennis Plucinik wrote on 2/16/09
Jeff you're crushing me on EGO points....
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