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Dennis J Plucinik II
Brooklyn, NY
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user 301
Jeff wrote on 6/22/10
Yo man Im still killin you on ego points whats up with that? lol how are you?
user 90
Carlo wrote on 8/14/08
Bitchin party. Congrats again, btw. Enjoy the pinot. Also, vegas. buy the ticket, take the ride
user 162
Asylum wrote on 8/07/08
thanks for the comment. site's badass.
user 89
gonzo wrote on 7/21/08
Thanks bro that was my platoon on EOD security in Fallujah. I am second row far left right to the turret gunners right.
user 89
gonzo wrote on 5/31/08
site looks good bro.
user 89
gonzo wrote on 5/31/08
user 92
cutie122403 wrote on 5/25/08
Dennis, I love this. The website looks great!!
user 1
Dennis Plucinik wrote on 5/24/08
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