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Bring on the Trashy and Un-Educated

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What type of person would you rather deal with? This could be in a business environment or out in public. Would you rather interact with yuppie snobs or their trashy and likely un-educated counterparts?


Posted by in Other / Living on 8/04/10
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  1. Olivia Newton (6 votes)
  1. mama kaz (5 votes)
  1. cutie122403 (2 votes)

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Side B Comment

mama kaz - 8/19/10 @ 8:38 PM:
Actually I think I'd rather sit up here in my log cabin and deal with the squirrels and raccoons!

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cutie122403 - 8/10/10 @ 10:41 AM:
This was a Really tough one for me because I deal with both types of people on a daily basis and can't stand either group of people. I can't stand stupid uneducated trash but I also can't stand people that think they are so much better than you. Good rivalry.

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Dennis Plucinik - 8/6/10 @ 8:55 AM:
I'm a yuppie snob! ...but I'm working on the arrogant part. :)

Seriously though you can't fix stupid... as stupid people say.
The Boss - 8/10/10 @ 7:41 PM: Ally | Side A
Stupid or in this case un-educated can be fixed but that is the choice of the stupid individual and a lot of times they have no idea or don't care about their level of intelligence.

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lynx55 - 8/4/10 @ 10:49 PM:
STUPID is my pet peeve. Uneducated doesn't have to mean stupid, sadly it usually does. AND not every "yuppie" is a snob btw! I will take the educated over the uneducated any day!

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Olivia Newton - 8/4/10 @ 6:35 PM:
I'd rather deal with the yuppie snobs than some uneducated trash. Really, I'd PREFER to deal with educated nice people!

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mama kaz - 8/4/10 @ 3:03 PM:
I'll take the trashy and uneducated. I can't stand people who have an air of superiority. At least the uneducated have an excuse for their behavior.
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