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Will the sad and scary events that took place in Aurora, Colorado at the Dark Knight Premier keep you from seeing a movie in the near future? Or will you still go to the theater as often as you did before this horrific tragedy?


Posted by in Entertainment / Movies on 7/20/12
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  1. cutie122403 (6 votes)
  1. The Boss (5 votes)
  1. Sarah Forester (5 votes)
  1. LIBERAL (3 votes)
  1. DollyFan (2 votes)

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cutie122403 - 7/24/12 @ 9:44 PM:
I will definitely be looking out when I am at the theaters and will be thinking of this tragic event. It really makes you think because it could happen to any of us. I also heard there were threats made at other theaters. People are so sick!

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DollyFan - 7/23/12 @ 10:56 PM:
Can't let fear dictate your life. You can take precautions and be aware but, if you feared the million things in life that there are to be afraid of, you'd never get out of bed. Customers used to call our salons, if it was storming or there was a tornado watch, and ask if we were open. I always said that if God wanted to end my life by tornado, he could get me at home just as easily as he could get me at work! Lol This movie theater tragedy is sad but we can't stop living. We can pray for peace for the families affected and pay closer attention to those around us but we must move forward.

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Jeff - 7/22/12 @ 7:20 PM:
I love going to the movies!!!

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Sarah Forester - 7/21/12 @ 10:52 PM:
I will be honest in saying that although my husband and I, very willingly went yesterday to see "The dark night rises" we both were paying close attention to the exits and our fellow movie patrons actions. Our caution did not take away from enjoying the GREAT movie, but we were a little on edge.

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cutie122403 - 7/21/12 @ 10:30 PM:
I will go to the theater sometime but this event will be in the back of my mind. I know we aren't supposed to live our lives in fear but i cant say i wont be a little scared because people are insane!

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LIBERAL - 7/21/12 @ 8:57 PM:
No one can deny this was a tragedy, but we cannot allow such awful acts to dictate how we live our lives. To do so would be to give in to fears much like that of McCarthyism in the 50's and being afraid to voice any kind of dissent toward our government as is our duty and right as American citizens. Or, as you pointed out Ryan, flying due to the events of 9/11. I will not allow such horrible events or tactics to dictate how I live my life. Only two months after 9/11 I flew home before the holidays to spend time with my family. The moment we give in to fear and the actions of people like Mr. Holmes and others like him we lose a little more of that freedom we all hold so near and dear to heart. Not to mention the irrational decisions we (American government) make after such tragedies in lieu of trying to feel safer. I am of course talking about things like the Patriot Act and ineffective gun laws that have no real chance of deterring such unspeakable acts. I'll save the rest of my argument concerning gun laws for another time and another rivalry.

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The Boss - 7/20/12 @ 7:51 PM:
I guess for me it will be a lot like the feeling I get when I travel in an airplane; it obviously won't stop me from doing it but It will likely be in the back of my mind much like the 9/11 events. Extremely sad that the question is even asked.
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