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President Barack Obama chose to use the phrase “Who’s Ass to Kick” when talking to Matt Lauer about the deep horizon oil spill and BP’s role in the disaster. Is this acceptable considering the crisis or is this un-Presidential?


Posted by in Politics / News on 6/08/10
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mama kaz - 6/13/10 @ 11:58 AM:
That's funny!

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Dennis Plucinik - 6/13/10 @ 1:40 AM:
side note: the banner ad on this page is for Brooks Brothers and says "Always Appropriate" hahahaha

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mama kaz - 6/10/10 @ 5:12 PM:
I agree that all presidents are, at times, not so presidential. I don't like it when past presidents have done it and I don't like it when he does it. That's my OPINION, to which I am entitled.
LIBERAL - 6/10/10 @ 5:39 PM: Rival | Side B
Well said, but for me I could care less. It's actually rather trivial to me. As long as he can run the country I don't really care about one little misstep.

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mama kaz - 6/9/10 @ 11:38 AM:
Once again he has demonstrated his lack of maturity and self control. I don't care what the circumstances are, a president should show more restraint. I have heard him say much worse things but I still don't like it.
LIBERAL - 6/9/10 @ 3:14 PM: Rival | Side B
I hardly know where to begin with your statements. First of all Obama is certainly not the first President to have used "language" on camera or elsewhere in public view, and he certainly won't be the last. "a president should show more restraint." Really? I can't honestly think of a single President since the invention of the television that hasn't either boldly used language in front of the t.v. screen or been caught by accident doing so. I'm afraid this is just another case of naivete once again on your part, and just another reason to bad mouth President Obama.
Dennis Plucinik - 6/13/10 @ 1:39 AM: Rival | Side B
People want him to show emotion.
People don't want him to show emotion.
Sounds like people are confused.

Side B Comment

The Boss - 6/8/10 @ 11:55 PM:
In all honesty if I hadn't heard his comment in context with Matt Lauer baiting the president I would have been a bit disgusted considering the influence his position holds but when looking at it in perspective to the way Lauer phrased the question I have to give Obama a break on this one.

Was it a poor choice of words? Yes. But I'm not at all outraged by this. I'd mark it as a verbal gaffe which all of his predecessors are guilty of as well.
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