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Makes Me Wonder if Obama Was Involved

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With the white house publicly admitting Bill Clinton and Rahm Emanuel were involved with extending a job offer to Joe Sestak if he dropped out of the race; does this arouse any curiosity to President Obamas role in the Blagojevich scandal?


Posted by in Politics / News on 6/09/10
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mama kaz - 6/10/10 @ 7:32 PM:
I think a lot of things are going to come out during the trial. I haven't seen definitive proof either way yet but I won't be surprised if proof does come up. Nothing would surprise me anymore.

Side B Comment

markei - 6/10/10 @ 9:50 AM:
Although the pic is of Blago, I thought this discussion was about Sestak and the others that have come forward to explain that the Obama Administration offered them jobs elsewhere to do their bidding and to help "fix" the political races in favor of his pet candidates. More and more info is leaking out, how many more will step forward before this scandal is done? The evidence already in the media(not what is being presented, but the previously aired interviews before the "scandal" - in the media archives if you will) has already shown that election law was broken, the question now is if anyone has the guts to take it any further, just like Al Gore when he broke campaign laws by using the White House for political purposes but he wasn't pursued after claiming ignorance of the law.
markei - 6/10/10 @ 10:15 AM: Ally | Side B
[Please delete my duplicate comment below this one]
Sorry, I didn't read the intro fully, this is in fact about Blago, but the question here isn't about proof, but about the "arousal of curiousity" of whether or not Obama was involved in one scandal since he was ceratinly involved in several more along a similar vein.
markei - 6/10/10 @ 10:18 AM: Ally | Side B
As the title above the pic reads "Makes Me Wonder...", not "Should he be Convicted based on a similarity of other crimes committed...".
LIBERAL - 6/10/10 @ 1:34 PM: Rival | Side A
markei please do not play ignorant to the real underlining question or topic here. We both know that Blago is in fact involved in one or more scandals, but the real question or topic is whether or not Obama played any role in either of the scandals. Do you really need to be shown the lines before you have the capacity to read between them? Let’s not be naïve about this. Did Obama play any part in either of the scandals that are now plaguing former Governor Rod Blagojevich? Does anyone have any proof? Probably not. So let’s all gather around the sewing circle to see what we can make up.

Side B Comment

mama kaz - 6/9/10 @ 11:28 AM:
There has always been corruption in government but it seems to be reaching an all time and more brazen high. At least in the past they have made every effort to keep things under the covers but now it's as if they wave it right in our face.
LIBERAL - 6/9/10 @ 3:17 PM: Rival | Side A
Although I agree that corruption in government has always taken place I'd love to hear you prove in any way, shape, or form that President Obama had anything to do with Rod Blagojevich's scandal. Please. Anyone. I'd love to see it proven.
The Boss - 6/9/10 @ 5:17 PM: Ally | Side B
Hot Rods trial just started; we'll just have to wait and see if anything turns up.
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