Great Idea to Introduce Kagan to US

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Manipulation of the Media(Free Press)

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While Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan has been off limits to the FREE press the Obama administration found time to conduct (unbiased I’m sure) interview with Kagan; a staffer did the interview? Good Idea or Manipulation of the Media.


Posted by in Politics / News on 5/14/10

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LIBERAL - 5/18/10 @ 11:49 AM:
Oh this was just a horrible idea. I can't believe the White House would allow this. I know none of the previous administrations have never been guilty of this type of manipulation. Barack Obama, you bad, bad, bad boy! (and yes, this is sarcasm for those of you who did not pick up on it)

Side B Comment

cutie122403 - 5/14/10 @ 11:02 AM:
I'm sorry but at this point, anyone that is a part of this administration I do not trust!!

Side B Comment

The Boss - 5/14/10 @ 7:05 AM:
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