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Apple versus Samsung is just the beginning. The main event potentially looms in the not so distant future. Apple vs. Google or more specifically Apple vs. the Android eco system. What will the end result be, which side are you on?


Posted by in Tech / Companies on 8/28/12
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Sarah Forester - 8/28/12 @ 4:16 PM:
I have never owned an apple iphone, never really cared to. We have a few ipods in our house, however those are being replaced at Christmas time with the galaxy music players. We hate the limitations set by apple for their products, we hate that we have spent hundreds of dollars on music that we can only play on our computers and ipods. We actually stopped purchasing music from itunes, we use amazon, which i can easily access from my htc rezound as a cloud player. We can put our amazon purchases on ANY device. The samsung music player has a plastic screen and expandable memory up to 32GB.

Side A Comment

The Boss - 8/28/12 @ 4:03 PM:
Google's response to the Apple vs. Samsung case along with some interesting information.
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