It's far too time consuming for me!

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I'm going to start Extreme Couponing

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Do you think the show "Extreme Couponing" is just a little ridiculous or do you actually enjoy watching the show? Would you go as far as they do to save a buck?


Posted by in Entertainment / Television on 5/07/11

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The Boss - 9/6/11 @ 9:04 PM:
Minus the extreme and couponing is very much worth the time invested. However, those nut jobs featured on the show are ridiculous.

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cutie122403 - 7/3/11 @ 9:28 PM:
These women spend 8 hours a day to clip coupons. I don't know who has this kind of free time on there hands but I sure as heck don't!

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Sarah Forester - 6/1/11 @ 10:36 PM:
I love coupons and use them whenever possible, especially at target where i can use both their coupons and manufacturers together. I will never have the time or patience to extreme coupon.

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Jeff - 5/28/11 @ 8:20 PM:
I like using coupons but I'm not going to sit and cut them out all the time lol

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mama kaz - 5/23/11 @ 1:07 PM:
I've never seen the show but I guess I should watch. (I have seen the clips) I would love to go through the line with a huge grocery cart and only pay a few dollars. You know there is an easier way to do this. It's called WELFARE!

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cutie122403 - 5/7/11 @ 8:29 AM:
I do coupon but these women have WAY too much time on their hands! Seriously 6 hours a day? They actually call the stores to see what their coupon policies are before their shopping trip and they map out the stores. They decide what aisles they will hit first and so on. Who needs to spend $1000 in one shopping trip? They save a ton of money but do you ever wonder how much of this goes out of date before they even have the time to consume or use it? I watched one show where they had to buy like 100 bottles of medicine to get credit for the rest of their purchase. They seem to buy things they dont need. They must not work. I will save on average $10 in one shopping trip and I think that's pretty good.
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