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American Idols New Rules are Great

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There are some new rules to American Idol this year. For starters they are going to go from the top 24 to the top 10 in one week with the exception of adding a wild card contestant. Do you like these new rules or like Fantasia a bad choice?


Posted by in Entertainment / Television on 3/03/11

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IMac G-four - 3/31/14 @ 8:40 PM:
I LOVE new stuff!

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Olivia Newton - 3/7/11 @ 5:51 PM:
I liked the way American Idol was conducted in the years past. It will not survive with the new rules.

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cutie122403 - 3/4/11 @ 11:59 PM:
I have to admit I thought I would hate American Idol this year. I said I was not going to watch it but I have been. I personally don't think there is anyone on there that is "Great". I don't have any specific person that I am going for. I don't like the new rules. I think the show will continue to go downhill from here.

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The Boss - 3/3/11 @ 3:40 PM:
Now it's quite possible that my opinion will change but the bottom line is that they risk losing a lot of talent that just made a poor song choice or had an off night by doing this. Losing 14 or 13 contestants in a single show might prove to push viewership down even further as many peoples favorites will be booted tonight on the show.
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