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Teen Mom Promotes Teen Pregnancy

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Do shows like MTV’s Teen Mom do more to promote Teen pregnancy or do they actually help prevent and deter teens from sex and the eventual pregnancy?


Posted by in Entertainment / Television on 9/21/11
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cutie122403 - 9/23/11 @ 8:14 PM:
I think in one way it shows how hard it is as a teenage mom to have a child but then on the other hand some teenage girls would actually want these girls lives. After all they are famous because they are young and have children.

Side B Comment

maddy crossie - 9/22/11 @ 10:10 PM:
No 1 should have babies when they are teenagers

Side A Comment

Sarah Forester - 9/21/11 @ 9:41 PM:
I cant speak for all shows about teen pregnancy but i watch teen mom and there is absolutely nothing glamorous about it. I feel more disgust and or pity for some of these girls than anything else. They all struggle immensely and none of them find true happiness after becoming young moms. I let my girls watch it.
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