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It is absolutely proven that drinking, smoking, or doing drugs during pregnancy is damaging to the unborn child. (Fetus) However, should there be laws that make these activities illegal or should it be a personal choice for each woman?


Posted by in Health / Other on 7/28/10
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cutie122403 - 7/28/10 @ 10:25 PM:
ABSOLUTELY there should be!! I cannot stand the thought of harming my unborn baby in any kind of way. I won't even clean my house without wearing gloves and I wear a mask when I am dealing with chemicals, etc. When you become pregnant you instantly think about the baby in everything you do every day of your life. (At least some of us do) I have not seen any pregnant women smoking since I have become pregnant but I hope I never do because I'm afraid I would not be able to keep my mouth shut. I won't even walk by someone that is smoking because I find it disrespectful to me. These women are not only harming themselves but there babies also.

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lynx55 - 7/28/10 @ 8:13 PM:
The problem Mr Kaznec is the definition of the term "living being". I will bet dollars to doughnuts that ours are different. Do we really want a court defining what is a "living being"? A myriad of legal issues surrounding that one.
The Boss - 7/28/10 @ 8:18 PM: Rival | Side A
That is precisely the problem; our definitions. A heart beat is life and seeing how my wife is currently pregnant with our first child I know what an amazing feeling it is to hear the first heart beat.
The Boss - 7/28/10 @ 8:23 PM: Rival | Side A
Then again, that is my opinion and we all know what they say about those.

Side B Comment

Jeff - 7/28/10 @ 6:54 PM:
As much as I detest all the named hurtful things above it comes down to a Personal Choice and like lynx wrote "Do we really want to IMPRISON pregnant woman? Or worse?"do I agree with the choice no can we stop that is taking away a persons choice and isn't that what America about..freedom of choice.

Side B Comment

lynx55 - 7/28/10 @ 6:32 PM:
While I agree with Ms Newwton's sentiment, laws tend to grow a life of their own, and get out of hand. Do we reallly want to IMPRISON pregnant woman? Or worse? I agree possibly something needs to be done, but remember how laws are perverted and used to benefit for the wrong reasons, and become political and or personal. i.e. Enemies who used to be friends call police on each other. What a policing nightmare.
The Boss - 7/28/10 @ 7:53 PM: Rival | Side A
I very much agree that laws grow like a bad case of herpes but I do want to point something out.

I'm a firm believer in personal liberty, responsibility, and choice however there is a catch.

I'm sure this will ring a bell.

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness."

This is my favorite quote from the Declaration of Independence. This is where it becomes more of a pro-life, pro-choice issue as my point has to do with impeding with the unalienable rights of a living being.

Sure a woman has every right to harm herself but has no right in my opinion to strip the living unborn child of their unalienable rights. Is it wrong to think those unalienable rights apply so long as you don't impede the unalienable rights of someone else? Just my two cents.
The Boss - 7/28/10 @ 8:08 PM: Rival | Side A
I do agree that it would be a policing issue. Think of the lawsuits sprung from police assuming a woman was pregnant when she was really just fat.

Side A Comment

Olivia Newton - 7/28/10 @ 6:14 PM:
The choice to smoke, drink and do drugs while pregnant is not about YOU, it's about the innocent unborn fetus you are carrying. Any intelligent woman would not do this whether it's a law or not, but there are so many girls out there who just 'wanna have fun', with no thought to the child. And the law should be enforced to the maximum.
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