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What is the greatest car chase EVER?


Posted by in Entertainment / Movies on 8/24/08
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Jeff - 12/26/08 @ 8:51 PM:
Bullitt loved that movie

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Olivia Newton - 8/31/08 @ 11:41 AM:
I can't remember the car chase in Ronin, but I definitely remember the one in Bullit! Steve McQueen was the best!

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gonzo - 8/24/08 @ 11:35 PM:
ok Im an ass and cut of steves head, but if you havent seen th car chase from bullitt then you really should its one of the best that youll ever see. or is it? and no OJ doesnt count.
Dennis Plucinik - 8/25/08 @ 11:14 PM:
we could really use video here huh...
The Boss - 8/25/08 @ 11:24 PM: Rival | Side A
I was thinking the same thing. Youtube has a video clip of bullit, pretty sweet chase but not as good as ronin
gonzo - 8/26/08 @ 7:31 PM: Ally | Side B
i was thinking that the whole time i was making this one.rn
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