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I’ve seen some fictional rumors that RFID implants are being mandated by Obamacare. However, they do plan to digitize medical records and it’s reasonable to think they may mandate a RFID card. Would this be acceptable to you?


Posted by in Tech / Devices on 7/08/12
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Jeff - 7/22/12 @ 10:14 PM:
The goverment tyrants don't care about our privacy at all coming to think about it they don't care about anything but themselves and what else they can make use have to take or take from us I'm truely sick of the goverments crap

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cutie122403 - 7/13/12 @ 10:33 PM:
I really hope this isn't the truth but it wouldn't surprise me. This is unacceptable and I will not be a part of it!

Neutral Comment

LIBERAL - 7/12/12 @ 1:13 PM:
I have chosen to remain neutral only for one reason. This technology is still in an infancy stage. Once it has been improved upon and becomes much more reliable I will likely change to being fine with it. Advances like these always come with a price, but if the technology proves to be sound and safe I see no reason for it not being used.

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The Boss - 7/8/12 @ 7:47 PM:
While I can certainly see the technological attractiveness of utilizing RFID's for this purpose I will not be lining up to get my health care identification card if it contains technology similar to that of RFID which in my opinion would be a privacy issue everyone should be concerned about.
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