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which 8GB music player do you think offers more bang for the buck?


Posted by in Tech / Devices on 7/12/12
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Side B Comment

LIBERAL - 7/12/12 @ 6:50 PM:
The Ipod is just so much more user friendly to me than any other music storage device. I've used both Samsung and Ipod among many others, and would gladly choose the Ipod any day of the week over the rest.
Sarah Forester - 7/12/12 @ 6:59 PM: Rival | Side A
Rick do you have an iphone? My main issue with the ipods (we have 2 shuffles, 3 nanos, a classic and a touch) is that there is no expansion available. For the touch you have to spend over $300 for 32GB and that's it, all you get. plus i am an adroid phone user so the Samsung would be easy to navigate. The reviews on them are phenomenal.
LIBERAL - 7/12/12 @ 7:08 PM: Ally | Side B
Well, I certainly didn't know that. I got the 32G touch for Xmas, so I'm not familiar with the upgrade cost. That's more than I need. I don't have the Iphone. I have a similar Samsung version of what I think Ryan has. LOL. The phone is extremely easy to navigate. I actually like mine. My brother recently got the Iphone 4S and he won't shut up about it. He loves it. I have to admit the Siri portion of the phone is incredible. It found us a parking area next to the American Airlines Center for one of the MAVS games that I didn't even know was there.
The Boss - 7/12/12 @ 7:44 PM: Rival | Neutral
Even phones you have to disagree? lmao. I'm only kidding. Did you get your phone recently, if not within the last six and a half months it's likely something a little different. My phone was hailed as the "Pure Google" phone because updates for the operating system and other phone software was supposed to come directly from Google which was a major turn on knowing how Big Red tends to delay updates. Well after owning the phone for 3 months with no updates and a lot of bugs I caught wind that Google dropped the Nexus support for the phone due to Big Red and their incompetence. The phone is very intuitive and other than the items I listed the phone is Amazing but battery life and signal are two MAJOR issues with the phone and a deal breaker. I would have traded the phone within the 14 day guarantee period except Verizon reps swore an update was coming to fix all of the issues. 6 and half months after the phone launched an update was released but did not fix a majority of the issues. Not very happy with the phone :(
LIBERAL - 7/12/12 @ 7:50 PM: Ally | Side B
I got it around the end of February I believe. I haven't had any trouble with mine at all. Any time I use the internet it's very quick, battery life is good, and I even like the "phone" quality as well. Most of the smart phones I've had in the past worked well as anything other than its primary purpose. I have very few problems with it.

Neutral Comment

The Boss - 7/12/12 @ 4:48 PM:
I'm going neutral on this one because I'm not a fan of Apple products or their approach to forcing consumers to only use their software, music store, etc...

I can't choose for a Samsung Galaxy product because I own a Samsung Galaxy Nexus (Verizon) phone and the support, battery life, and signal are horrendous. I honestly wish I had bought a Droid Razr Maxx! This phone is garbage.

Side A Comment

Sarah Forester - 7/12/12 @ 4:00 PM:
I have been researching an alternative to the base priced 8GB Ipod touch for my girls for Christmas. I have had reservations in purchasing a $200 music device with a glass screen for an 11 and 14 year old. I also have issues with the Ipods offering NO option for expansion of memory. The samsung player offers 8GB of internal memory with an sd slot offering up to 32GB more space.
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