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4G LTE not Important. Better Product

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Is the technology in the Iphone 4S really enough to justify the lack of 4G lte support? Are the Apple faithful a bunch of mindless brand slaves or is it simply a better product than all of the android phones that offer 4g connections?


Posted by in Tech / Devices on 12/06/11

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The Boss - 12/6/11 @ 3:52 PM:
This rivalry ought to irritate you Apple loyalists.

I honestly find it hard to believe that so many people would be willing to invest in a product knowing full well that the from the get go it operates on dated technology.

If it was a mild difference in speed I'd say what the hell I understand but knowing just how significant the bandwidth capabilities are between 3G and 4GLTE makes it an absolute no brainer.

3G - You are flipping lucky to get over 1 Mbs.

4GLTE - I average 7Mbs but get over 30Mbs in the areas where I work.

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