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So your good friend and their spouse / gf are PUBLICLY arguing on Facebook. You have strong opinions on the argument and would love to chime in but then you wisely stop and think about it. What do you do? Speak up or Keep your mouth shut?


Posted by in Tech / Internet on 9/11/11
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Side A Comment

LIBERAL - 11/30/11 @ 1:07 AM:
Speak up. If you really believe what you have to say is worth two cents then say it. If they don't appreciate what you have to say then remind them they should have chosen a different arena other than the public domain of facebook to have a such a personal discusssion.

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Sarah Forester - 9/21/11 @ 9:04 PM:
I would say something, but it would be privately. I would not join in the online debate.
cutie122403 - 9/23/11 @ 8:10 PM: Rival | Neutral
It depends on who it was for me to say something.

Side A Comment

maddy crossie - 9/21/11 @ 8:01 PM:
I would tryto stay out and i will try to help out

Neutral Comment

cutie122403 - 9/11/11 @ 1:31 PM:
I try to stay out of everyone's business but if you put it out there for the public then I guess you have a right to say something but I choose not to. I keep my business in my life unless someone wants to share.
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