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Nashville, TN was recently devastated by flooding that has taken 21 lives and will easily add up to over a billion dollars in damage yet President Obama has yet to make an appearance in Tennessee. Do you find his not visiting disgraceful?


Posted by in Politics / News on 5/12/10
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mama kaz - 5/30/10 @ 10:37 AM:
You do remember that the dem's had control for two years before Obama was elected. And let's not forget Barney Frank and his ties to Fanny and Freddie. The housing mess was really what caused our economic crash and the present administration has escalated the problem with their MANY social programs. I have stated many times that I was unhappy with Bush's second term in general. However, one thing I did love about Bush was how he always came forward to make heartfelt comments every time something bad happened here or in the world. I know a lot of people made fun of him for showing emotion but that was one of the things that made me connect with him. He didn't go through a list of shout outs and other trivial things BEFORE getting to the serious matters at hand the way Obama does. That really bothers me and I see a coldness in him that keeps me disconnected. He should have spoken to the people of Nashville and acted like he was feeling their pain even though he obviously wasn't. This applies to the shooting at Ft Hood, the mine disasters, hurricanes, tornadoes, etc... When he does finally speak he comes across as being flippant and cold and that just reinforces my feelings that he doesn't love this country the way an American president should. In fact, I think sometimes he despises the American way of life and is working hard to change it. A little compassion from him would help but I never see it.
As far as the Patriot act, I don't like it either. However, our entire administration voted for it along with Bush. I didn't like it then, and I don't like it now. I think we could do a much better job of staying safe by profiling, but of course, that's politically incorrect. As far as people falling below the poverty line, my husband and I are considered poverty level and I'm not bitter. We decided to live on one income so I could stay home and keep my health problems under control. I could be on disability but I'd rather do without than sponge off of other taxpayers. Many people have fallen below the poverty line because they choose not to work, choose to do drugs, or make other decisions in their lives that keep them down. We are reaching that dangerous tipping point where more people are not working than those who work and pay taxes. I think we'll see how much the lower class loves Obama and our administration when their welfare checks start bouncing. There are very few incumbents today that would get my vote. I am not in love with the republicans or democrats. My allegiance will go to those who fight to stop spending and stop rewarding those who make welfare a way of life. I will support candidates who protect the rights of the American people.
This isn't personal for me. I don't care if bozo the clown was in office. I do not like the direction our country is going. I don't want global government. I don't see how bringing everyone down to the same level is going to make the world a better place. I'm grateful to the filthy rich because they provide the jobs, pay most of the taxes, and keep our economy going. They are not the enemy and soon we will all come to see that.

Side B Comment

LIBERAL - 5/28/10 @ 3:43 PM: Validated Ego
For some reason the link I posted isn't working. I will try to post it again. I apologize for the inconvenience.

budget.house.gov/doc-library/fy2009/7.31.08_Bush economic_ and fiscal_ record.pdf
LIBERAL - 5/28/10 @ 3:46 PM: Ally | Side B
All right. I tried several times to post the link, but it is not working, so just highlight the link above and copy and paste it into your browser for the web source.
The Boss - 5/28/10 @ 10:44 PM: Rival | Side A
The link is poorly written and I do wonder why. It can't be added to the site because it contains three different sections of white space which in website language equals the end of url. I attempted to remove the white space but in doing so invalidated the URL. I'm very curious as to why the budget.house website would write their url's in that manor. That is VERY poor mechanics. Either way, visitors will have to copy and paste the due to the incompetence of the federal government.

Side A Comment

mama kaz - 5/25/10 @ 7:05 PM:
I guess you don't recognize sarcasm when you see it. Of course it has nothing to do with racism. I believe Obama would high tail it to California because of the votes. And I have to disagree with you about California being the same as the rest of the country. I spent most of my life there and I can tell you they are a different breed of people. They are like rats in a maze trying to beat all the other rats to the cheese. It's all about having bigger and better than everyone else. It really is a different way of life and I don't miss it at all. They continue to elect ultra liberals and look where that has gotten them.
You can call me backward, arrogant and narrow minded if you want but what I really am is an American. I'm an American who is fed up with unfathomable government spending, a multitude of able bodied welfare recipients who are sucking our country dry, illegal aliens who break our laws and drain our economy, and people like you who honestly believe we should get out of the way and let our country "move forward." If that makes me a hater then so be it.
We are "moving forward" to global government and a way of life that is against everything our country stands for. I will fight with my last breath to save this country from those who are trying to "fundamentally" change it forever.
LIBERAL - 5/28/10 @ 3:40 PM: Rival | Side B
I see sarcasm just fine. If that was your attempt at sarcasm I would suggest you looking the word up in a dictionary, because you missed that mark by a good country mile. If it were because of the votes then he would probably go. That's not sarcasm. He would actually do it if that were the case. The previous conversations and mention of the term "racism" even made by you in your previous statement contradict your entire argument. So please get it straight if you're actually going to argue a position at any point. You guys are hilarious. You talk about Obama as if everything that is happening or happened recently in this country that is so bad somehow only occurred while he is President. Yet you fail to recognize the fact that most of all these bad things that have happened with the economy, jobs, etc. were a direct result of a previous administration for which you barely raised an eyebrow much less a voice. Suddenly now it’s just a deplorable situation you simply must argue against and “be heard”. I believe you said something like “I'm an American who is fed up with unfathomable government spending, a multitude of able bodied welfare recipients who are sucking our country dry, illegal aliens who break our laws and drain our economy, and people like you who honestly believe we should get out of the way and let our country "move forward." Though you may have felt this way before, and may very well have been upset about the situation, I’ve NEVER seen you type anywhere on this website where you freely admitted that Bush had anything to do with the current state of this country, when you know VERY well he did. Where was your contempt then when Mr. Bush was still President? When unemployment rose by over 2 million people, household incomes dropped over a $1,000 per household, 5.4 million more people who fell below the poverty line, and the five largest yearly deficits were all under his administration. Well? Where was your disbelief and discontent? Nowhere. Because now you have Mr. Obama to blame all of the woes and troubles of this nation. You look to Obama to blame for all of this which he inherited from the man who is likely more responsible than any other President before him. You constantly say “I will fight with my last breath”. Well you let some idiot republican take office again like Bush, perhaps Palin, McCain, or Romney. You won’t have to worry too long about that last breath. It’s just a few more Patriot Acts away. For a group who says they don’t like big government they sure don’t mind introducing legislation that violates our AMERICAN rights. I’ll take a democrat any day that will stand there and tell me I’m about to get screwed than some hypocritical republican who will just wait until our backs are turned long enough to jam a knife in as far as it will go! The only thing a conservative is good for in this country any more is to show us all the wrong ways to go about doing something so we might make the right decision instead. So, by all means, show us the way!!!

Source: http://budget.house.gov/doc-library/fy2009/7.31.08_Bush_economic_and_fiscal_record.pdf

Side A Comment

mama kaz - 5/20/10 @ 10:31 PM:
Rick, perhaps you didn't criticize Bush for not running to New Orleans but a very large number of people did! I would like to know why Katrina was such a big deal but Nashville has been swept under the rug. The people in Nashville could do very little to avoid this because there was little or no warning. You can't predict a stalled weather system. Let's not forget that the people of New Orleans were given 5 DAYS warning of what was coming and made the decision to stay even though options were made available. I know there were some people who may have had a hard time getting out but there were many more who chose to stay. Why did they get a free pass for staying and putting their lives and the lives of rescue workers in danger? Help came to them from everywhere and is still coming.
I think Obama hasn't shown much concern for the people of Nashville because they don't vote for him like people in other parts of the country. If California has a major earthquake he'll be out there before the ground stops shaking. Does that make me racist Rick? What are we calling people these days if they don't like arrogant liberals who constantly put down others and tell them they are racist? Let me know and I'll get a shirt made so I can wear it.
LIBERAL - 5/25/10 @ 7:05 AM: Rival | Side B
You are absolutely right Mama Kaz. I didn’t criticize him for not running off to New Orleans because it wouldn’t have accomplished much of anything. The only thing he needed to do as a responsible President was to declare the entire city of New Orleans a disaster area. He did, and they received help. It unfortunately was not enough in the beginning, but was that his fault? No, it was not. It was the fault of the incompetent leadership of Michael Brown (Director of F.E.MA.), which is why he was later replaced. George Bush did all he could do. I was not one of the many idiots who complained about Bush’s performance because unlike the rest of the “sheep” I have the amazing ability to use my brain to process thoughts on my own without the help of someone else. It’s an extraordinary gift. It’s really quite exhilarating to use one’s mind to separate fact from fiction. I suggest you try it some time. Nashville was not swept under any rug. It was handled exactly the way it should have been handled from a Presidential stance. It was declared a disaster area and government assistance sent to help the local and state agencies as needed. If you weren’t just complaining just to complain because Barack Obama is President of the United States you would see that. Whether or not the people had any warning of the impending flood had no bearing on the situation from a governmental point of view. Relief was sent as it should have been by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, and that’s all that was required of the government or this President.

Whether or not President Obama would visit the state of California in the event of a catastrophic event like an earthquake is not relevant. Not to mention the fact that it has no basis for racism? What race did you even mention? None. Common sense would not even allow for even the slightest assumption of racism considering the fact that over 75% of the state of California’s population are Caucasians. With that in mind why would he even show up with that being the case? What? Californians are suddenly a different breed of humans now? No, they are not. What a ridiculous analogy. If you are going to make an argument at least make it an intelligent one. To be perfectly honest I would much rather be an educated, open-minded, arrogant liberal than some backward, narrow-minded, arrogant conservative. I’ll tell you what you call people who don’t like arrogant liberals. Conservatives. Because all they know how to do is dislike and hate others for no good reason other than they don’t agree with their ideas, and continue to push this country back instead of allowing it to go forward. I also know, considering how you like to misuse the word liberal so much, what you call an arrogant liberal. For now you can call him Mr. President!! So why don’t you stick that on a t-shirt and wear it!!

Side A Comment

cutie122403 - 5/18/10 @ 7:40 PM:
Ok, First of all I do not owe you or anyone else for that matter any kind of explanation. Actually it is quite hilarious because you love to argue and yes it does get your "blood boiling". Thankfully I could care less what you think I am or am not which to me is a beautiful thing because I'm not one of those people that walk around worrying what people think of me. Actually you are only "assuming" that was a racist comment and you know what it means to "assume". You can very easily make an ass out of yourself which is what you are doing. I am so far from being a racist. One of my very best friend’s is African American. Again, I owe you no explanation and have so many more things to do than to read your book. Democrats love to throw the “racist” remark out there if you don’t like Obama. That is simply what it comes down to, I do not like him nor do I agree with anything he is about. Wow, I am also very surprised this has gotten to you to the point that you needed to go around and ask everyone if it was a “racist” remark. I’m sure not one of the people that you asked knows me personally and obviously you have no idea who I am.

I think you're alone on this one. Is it lonely over there on your side of this rivalry?
LIBERAL - 5/18/10 @ 9:18 PM: Rival | Side B
If you have so many better things to do than read my "book" why are you in such an uproar about it? Let's see, because you read it? As I stated before I never assumed that you meant the comment to be racist, but anyone with the least bit of intelligence could see the undertone of the remark. By the way, if you had understood my remarks concerning having spoken to my friends about this matter you would see this. I neither asked them before or after if they thought the comment was racist. I simply interjected it into the conversation without much warning. It was all of them that asked what I had meant by it, because they thought it sounded either completely or a little racist. It was only then that I explained the situation. There was never any pretense to the question, and neither did I ask “was that a bit racist?” after the statement. I did however give you the benefit of the doubt by allowing you to explain yourself, which was the honest and fair thing to do, but so far all you’ve done since really is scream “I’m not a racist! I have black friends!” What kind of response is that? Is that really supposed to qualify your remarks? A simple apology for the mistake would have sufficed, but instead you went on an attack as if you need to hide something. I’ve argued with a couple of people on this website who don’t like Obama, and none so far whom I would say don’t like him because of his race, but because of his policies. You were the only one who threw out a comment that without qualification not only sounded racist to me, but several others who don’t need to “know” someone in order to detect a racist tone. And the ridiculous argument that “I can’t be a racist ‘cause I have black friends” is quite possibly the worst excuse you’ve ever used. Don Imus, the radio personality has many African-American friends, but it didn’t stop him from making a clearly racist comment on-air.

Now, let me be perfectly clear on this. I never assumed you were a racist, but your previous comment did sound racist, so I asked you to explain yourself. You did, and I appreciated that. Now, if you felt insulted by what you “assumed” was an implication, even though I told you it was not, then you should have stated so. Even though you would have been incorrect. I could have explained, but instead you simply went on the offensive like most people who truly don’t understand how to get their point across in an argument. They just simply argue because they have felt attacked and only want to fire back. If you wish to behave in the fashion of a child then so be it, but I simply won’t lower myself to those standards. And your comment concerning being the only one on my side. I’m well aware of this. Considering the fact that this website was practically created by your husband who is a conservative is it really that big of a surprise that I’m the only one on my side most of the time? No, and common sense would dictate that I would be. That’s just an awful display of childish behavior once again on your part. So my only advice to you on this matter is simply to “grow up”, and a reminder that so far in this rivalry my conjectures have been summarily introduced with facts, sources, and with subtlety so that egos need not be bruised. So if anyone in this rivalry has made an ass out of themselves I’m afraid you need look no further than the nearest mirror to find the guilty party.

Side A Comment

cutie122403 - 5/16/10 @ 9:36 PM:
“I guarantee you if he was President during hurricane Katrina he would be there in a heart beat.”

So this statement screams racism? At no point in my comment did I refer to our president’s race or the race of anyone involved in either event (But you did). That is one of the problems with our society, everyone is trigger happy to blurt out “Racist!”

Not that I owe an explanation for my comment but as I know it gets your blood boiling which I greatly enjoy I’ll humor you. It’s no secret that politicians and especially Democrats pander to those in need (their voting base) or should I say exploit those in need which is precisely what our current president would have done if he was in office during Katrina.

There are two reasons I see Mr. Obama had for not visiting the disaster in Nashville. Tennessee is a very conservative state which he didn’t carry in 2008 and will not carry until hell freezes over (Thank God) and there wasn’t thousands and thousands of people begging for help he and the liberal media could exploit and turn into loyal voters. Odd how country music stars had to call those in the liberal media just to get them out there to cover it. Odd how the media hasn’t slammed Obama for not visiting or even doing a flyover of the damage. Our country is so corrupt I’m done playing nice.

Now did I know Louisiana was state carried by republicans, no? I did not, but it doesn’t matter either way.

LIBERAL - 5/18/10 @ 11:35 AM: Rival | Side B
Actually yes it did sound racist cutie, and you didn’t have to point out the fact that President Obama is African-American because we both have functioning pairs of eyes. You would almost have to be blind or ignorant not to know it. Now did I believe you meant it that way. I had hoped not, but without any justification for the comment itself you left yourself wide open to ANY interpretation. In fact I ran this comment by several friends to get their own assessments, and to no surprise they all, not a few or several, but all of them said it sounded racist to them. And before you assume, no, not all of them are democrats. In fact the majority of them range from moderately conservative to very conservative. By the way, neither did I ask them if it sounded racist. That was every single person’s initial reaction without the pretense that I would say something I believed to sound racist.

As to your assumption that you somehow got my “blood boiling”? The only person who seems to be irritated by this is you. I always try never to assume, which is why I allowed you to qualify your remarks, because I had hoped and believed that you had simply made a mistake. Which you admit you did. I’m not upset in the least, but again you should be careful of what you “say” on here. Without qualifying certain remarks like your previous one about the President you open yourself up to these types of situations. If you do not, then that unfortunately is your own fault, and I hope in the future you realize this and use better judgment.

Pandering to your base is just as rampant among Republicans as it is Democrats and has no real bearing on this conversation. So please don’t try distracting from the actual argument by using this trivial political jargon and material.

Now, pay close attention, because I’m about to qualify further remarks by introducing facts that show how ridiculous your arguments are concerning the non-visitation of our President to the flooded areas of Nashville, TN. Not only will I qualify my remarks, but I will also show your hypocrisy concerning this matter as well.

On June 6th through June 7th of 2008 storms across much of the Midwestern states of the U.S. caused horrible flooding and the deaths of almost 30 people. Where was President George W. Bush? He was busy visiting several nations across Europe. It wasn’t until the death toll rose above 20 persons and the damage surveyed by FEMA, that President Bush realized that with a 29% approval rating that he might want to show a little compassion by declaring the entire Midwest a disaster area. Almost two weeks after the initial flooding did he actually show up just long enough for a few photo ops beside the sandbagged banks of the rivers that overflowed, and of course a few photos with then Presidential hopeful John McCain. After only a couple of cities he was back to his normal schedule. Never mind that there were so many others affected by the flooding, like Columbus, Indiana where millions of dollars of damage had been caused and two people died as a result. He had to get back to supporting his party by visiting Jackson, Mississippi on June 27th to help campaign for Senator Wicker, and don’t forget the all important “Ball on the South Lawn” on June 30th supporting Latino baseball.

And what excuses do we have for President Barack Obama not visiting the flooded areas of Nashville, TN? Although he had already declared the city a disaster area so FEMA could help the state and local agencies. Nothing minor. Just a terrorist attempt to blow up a car bomb in New York’s Time Square. Oh, and yeah, that thing in the Gulf of Mexico. You know. The one where 11 people were killed by an explosion aboard an oil drilling platform, the platform itself sank, and 5,000 feet below sea level a gaping hole that is currently spilling hundreds of thousands of gallons of oil into the sea. Nothing big. I mean what do we have to worry about? It should only kill a few million sea animals and birds, disrupt the entire balance of nature along the gulf seaboard, and affect the financial welfare of those who depend on the fishing industry among Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida. No biggie.

If you wish to argue the compassion of President Obama, fine, but you should remember that the man who represented you for the last eight years prior to this administration has performed similar acts. Where was your criticism then? I never heard it. In fact I never criticized him because I realized that with his declaring the Midwest a disaster area the President really did all that he could as President. Making visitations are nothing more than photo ops and really cause nothing more than a distraction anyway. Not to mention the hardships for the Secret Service and their attempt to keep the President safe among areas as unpredictable as those recently devastated like the Midwest. There are many reasons why Presidents do not often visit immediately these types of areas or even at all. It is however highly hypocritical to chastise this President when you never said a word about the prior actions, or lack thereof by the previous President. I believe the only reason why you and others are making such a big deal about this is simply because it is our state in question. Otherwise I doubt you would have made nearly the effort to criticize him if this had happened elsewhere.

And what in God’s name does Kenny Chesney have to do with this? Who cares? I don’t. And you want to talk about publicity, and clamoring for the spotlight? Sounds like Mr. Chesney got his fair share. So kudos to him.

The fact is that what happened in Nashville, TN is horrible, and my prayers and thoughts are with all of them, but the President has done exactly what he should have done. Could he have shown up to show his support? Perhaps, but what would that have physically accomplished for the people of Nashville? Not a lot. I am just appreciative that FEMA has finally learned a lesson and seems to be performing to the best of their ability. That is all the citizens of Nashville should be concerned about, and not whether the President can get a few photo ops in before heading back to the White House.

If the conservative base of this country and their elected officials would spend less time behaving like a bunch of spoiled brats who didn’t get their way and truly show some semblance of bipartisanship, perhaps this country could make greater strides and accomplish something for the better of the people. Instead, most conservatives are usually under the assumption “if you’re not with me, then you’re against me” type attitude, which affords nothing but the usual partisan politics.

“The strongest democracies flourish from frequent and lively debate, but they endure when people of every background and belief find a way to set aside smaller differences in service of a greater purpose.”

President Barack H. Obama





Side B Comment

LIBERAL - 5/15/10 @ 9:22 AM: Validated Ego
My mouse hath betrayed me! While I intended to click on New Orleans voting results I had actually clicked by accident on a different parish. Though New Orleans is in fact the seat of Orleans parish, it did in fact give Obama an overwhelming majority of votes over McCain, the simple fact is that Orleans parish was not the only parish affected by Hurricane Katrina. In fact almost every parish that surrounds Orleans parish which suffered just as greatly voted in favor of McCain in the 2008 Presidential election. So once again my argument does stand. What exactly did you mean to imply?
LIBERAL - 5/15/10 @ 9:42 AM: Ally | Side B
By the way cuti122403 you know I like you and very much enjoy our conversations, but your previous remark leaves me confused. I do not mean to imply anything by my questions except to garner an answer that hopefully will clarify your earlier comments. Quite frankly I'm hoping your comments accidentally implied something that does not represent your actual beliefs. I know you are intelligent, and that hopefully it was nothing more than a mistake.

Side B Comment

LIBERAL - 5/15/10 @ 8:59 AM: Validated Ego
You know cutie122403 sometimes we reveal more than we should in our expressions. Perhaps you should consider what you mean to say before you actually say it. This typically prevents someone from the old “foot in mouth” disease. Although you may have mistakenly meant to imply that Louisiana is a liberal state by your comment “I guarantee you if he was President during hurricane Katrina he would be there in a heart beat. Unfortunately we are not a liberal state so we are not top priority.” , the fact is that Louisiana is a very RED state and was no where near a supporter for Obama in the 2008 Presidential election. As a matter of fact McCain received almost 60% of the vote against Obama from the state of Louisiana. New Orleans itself did not even hand an overwhelming majority to Obama. Although St. James Parrish handed Obama a victory, it was a victory only by a slim margin of just over 1,500 votes. So how exactly do you believe that had Hurricane Katrina happened during his administration that he’d have been there in a heartbeat? Or perhaps does your remark have a more revealing undertone? Let’s not tiptoe through the tulips. I believe we are all well aware of the fact that our President is African American. Thanks to the many news reports that covered the Katrina disaster we are also fairly well aware that the majority of people living in the greater New Orleans area are predominantly… …you guessed it. African American. In fact, almost 70% of the population of New Orleans is African American. Now I certainly hope that this is not what you meant, but remember that what you do not say sometimes says so much more. Let me be perfectly clear. As you may have assumed that Louisiana was somehow a liberal state I will forgive you for your erroneous assumption, but I sincerely hope that that is indeed the case, and that you did not mean otherwise.

Source: http://www.cnn.com/ELECTION/2008/results/president/

Source: http://neworleans.areaconnect.com/statistics.htm

Side A Comment

The Boss - 5/12/10 @ 8:11 PM:
Salvation Army Donation Link. (Nashville Specific)
cutie122403 - 5/14/10 @ 11:00 AM: Ally | Side A
Oh come on Are you really serious? He is the "President" for crying out loud and should visit Nashville. Unfortunately though this president doesn't give a #!!$ and I think he has made that perfectly clear. I guarantee you if he was President during hurricane Katrina he would be there in a heart beat. Unfortunately we are not a liberal state so we are not top priority. Stop giving him Excuses!
The Boss - 5/14/10 @ 6:34 PM: Ally | Side A
While I tend to agree with you cutie I do want to correct you on one thing; it is NOT unfortunate that we aren't a liberal state. We are VERY lucky. Take a look at how the liberal states are doing; California, Michigan, New York, New Jersey, etc...

One of the reasons I moved to Tennessee from California (liberal breeding ground) was to escape the rule by taxation and regulation policies embraced by liberal leaders.

Side A Comment

The Boss - 5/12/10 @ 8:09 PM:
While I'll be the first to admit that I am counting down the days until our president is out of the oval office I do have to say that whether I like it or not he is "Our" president and I am insulted that he doesn't think it's important to make an appearance in Nashville.

As you can see from this Fox News article http://tinyurl.com/2be2c25 Governor Bredesen is very pleased with the federal response and that's great. While FEMA has apparently responded very well to the disaster I can't help but ask the question, Why hasn't our president visited the flooded area? Sure you could say he has a full plate with the oil spill and attempted bombing in Times Square but is that really a reason not visit devastated Nashville? It has been 10 days.

LIBERAL - 5/12/10 @ 8:42 PM: Rival | Side B
It continually amazes me that people seem to think a President can be everywhere, anywhere, whenever he wants. In actuality he is a man of extreme responsibilities that none of us could even begin to comprehend. When George W. Bush neglected to show up in New Orleans within the first week I did not shout to the rafters that he was an awful human being. I understand that as a President he has certain responsibilities. It may have taken a while, but at the very least he did show up just as I know Obama will do the same for Nashville. As long as whatever can be done by FEMA and other organizations to help the people of a disaster area, does it really matter when the President visits? No, it does not. This is just an excuse to make him look bad as democrats did the same back during Katrina to George Bush. People need to quit worrying so much about when a President visits, and be a little more thankful that FEMA actually did their job this time.
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