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Posted by in Sports / Football on 8/06/08
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Side A Comment

dino - 9/25/08 @ 4:36 AM:
I tried to watch some Football(American Football) once, and was bored silly after 5 minutes. What kinda game is it?
line up in a row against each other and run into who you are facing, while someone throws a ball to the only person who actually runs, to catch?
And they need helmets for this..and padding, and a break every 15 minutes, why do they need a break, they cant be tired?
The scores are very often, it isnt so much to celebrate when someone is scoring every few minutes.
If you need a sport that requires running into each other and throwing egg shaped balls, try rugby, no pads, no helmets, no break every few minutes.

Side B Comment

iematthew - 8/25/08 @ 5:14 PM:
American football requires a combination of athletic skill AND intelligent strategy. It's not just a matter of out-kicking your opponent but requires a lot of brain power as well on the part of the coaches and players. It truly is an American, can-do sport. Soccer is mostly just pure athletic ability.
The Boss - 8/25/08 @ 6:17 PM: Ally | Side B
That may be the best reasoning I have ever heard and I agree.

Side A Comment

IHaveCoolNam - 8/9/08 @ 5:06 PM:
Hi from Europe i like more our soccer :)

Side A Comment

Dennis Plucinik - 8/7/08 @ 1:13 PM:
I at least agree that watching golf (on tv) is like watching Sunrise Earth.

I think soccer is enjoyable to watch though - at least nobody is stomping on other player's faces with cleats while they're unable to defend themselves and can't even see it coming... like in the NFL.
Asylum - 8/7/08 @ 2:37 PM: Rival | Side B
you're right... soccer players just head butt guys when they're not lookin'
gonzo - 8/8/08 @ 12:39 AM:
cant we all just get along, and just play rugby its the best of both worlds really. random running and tiny shorts, good hitting and a wierd ball.
Dennis Plucinik - 8/11/08 @ 1:30 AM: Ally | Side A
yeah what's with the weird ball?
gonzo - 8/11/08 @ 5:44 PM:
some one spent to much time exploring as a kid casue its like and exact match.

Side A Comment

Dennis Plucinik - 8/6/08 @ 11:31 PM:
What about actual athletic ability + class vs... well you know.. %$? ass ghetto @%%%@% NFL players.

'who cares about "the world"' ftw lol
The Boss - 8/7/08 @ 1:07 PM: Rival | Side B
The NFL requires a lot of athletic ability, plus they have to remember hundreds of different plays. Not too mention there are more thugs in the NBA than the NFL. Soccer is just plain boring to watch. I put it right there next to golf. There both fun to play but horrible ot watch.

Side B Comment

Asylum - 8/6/08 @ 8:07 PM:
true that. i never knew such beauty existed.

Side B Comment

Asylum - 8/6/08 @ 7:58 PM:
who cares about the "world". this is a sport that was made great by this country. how could you not pick a sport where you have an option of slammin' the rock down the other teams throat or pickin' them apart with with a well planned/executed aerial attacks?
The Boss - 8/6/08 @ 8:02 PM: Ally | Side B
Couldn't agree more. Just when I thought Football couldn't get better, we got HD.
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