Black Friday is worth the wait

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Black Friday not worth the wait

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The after Thanksgiving sale known as BLACK FRIDAY is it not worth the wait in line or is it well worth the wait


Posted by in Other / Holidays on 11/26/10
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Vulcan - 6/27/11 @ 8:23 PM:
I'm not necessarily a big fan of all the hubub surrounding black Friday, however this last year I sat in line outside of a Sears store for eight hours. In exchange I received $800 off of a Kenmore front load washer and dryer. It is easy for me to justify doing this by simply realizing that I effectively made $100 and hour. That was $600 and eight hours of my life well spent.

Side B Comment

cutie122403 - 11/30/10 @ 9:37 AM:
For someone that has worked Black Friday Sales for the past 7 to 8 years or so I would honestly stay in bed. What people do not realize is most of those sales last throughout Christmas. The After Black Friday Sales are always the best.

Side B Comment

Jeff - 11/29/10 @ 7:04 PM:
Keep us posted my friend!

Side B Comment

Olivia Newton - 11/29/10 @ 5:12 PM:
Please answer a question for me: Has the baby arrived?
The Boss - 11/29/10 @ 6:19 PM: Ally | Side B
Not yet Olivia. :) Very soon. Crystal is in the middle of trying to figure out whether she's going to be induced or not. Less that two weeks now unless she decides to come before then.

Side B Comment

mama kaz - 11/29/10 @ 11:30 AM:
I would rather go scrub toilets at the local prison than go to those holiday sales.
Olivia Newton - 11/29/10 @ 5:11 PM: Ally | Side B
I agree with all three of you! When my children were little I'd stand in line at Toys 'R Us to get that 'special gift' but never again! I'd rather scrub toilets with you, Mama Kaz! I'll just sit on my fat derriere and order on-line!

Side B Comment

The Boss - 11/26/10 @ 9:48 PM:
I honestly get embarrassed for humanity when witnessing some of these absolute idiots sitting in line for hours, running down the aisles, fighting over items, etc...

I took a look at some of the ads and the prices weren't really that impressive in my opinion.

Side B Comment

Jeff - 11/26/10 @ 1:23 PM:
Yeah you get some great deals but you can do the same thing sitting at home,everything I think Wal*Mart had on sale today you could get it online as well.Then again maybe its because I work in retail that I don't see that its worth it.
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