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Do you recycle or throw away? Why or why not?


Posted by in Other / Living on 10/07/09
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cutie122403 - 2/18/11 @ 9:47 AM:
They do not make it easy where I live to recycle. Actually I don't think they have any programs at all! If they did then I probably would.

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Ripi - 10/8/09 @ 8:36 PM:
I recycle the items my city says they will accept. I shred all personal papers and use that paper as mulch in my garden.

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mama kaz - 10/7/09 @ 4:58 PM:
We actually tried to get some recycling going in the little gated community we live in and everyone looked at us like we were nuts. I think we should all recycle as much as possible but I have to say those recycled plastic bags suck! They can't hold feathers. I do reuse everything that I can and love to save stuff from other people's trash piles. My husband groans,rolls his eyes, and sometimes pitches a fit, but later he has to admit that I make pretty cool stuff out of discarded items.
DollyFan - 10/8/09 @ 11:14 AM: Ally | Side A
I know what you mean, mama kaz. My sister-in-law can pick up items at garage sales and out of people's trash and make her house look amazing. You'd never know how little she has paid on her furniture and decorating. As the saying goes..."one man's trash is another man's treasure".

There is a yahoo group in most areas that you can tell people you have a fridge, suitcase or computer to give away or that you are looking for a ladder, clothes or entertainment center. In this area the group is FreecycleBlountCountyTN. The only requirement is that everything has to be free and animals can't be listed. Great way for non-used items to go to somebody who needs them instead of it going to the dump!

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The Boss - 10/7/09 @ 3:36 PM:
I'm on this side not by choice. People generally care about the environment but you have to make going green cost effective and convenient or it will always lack support.

When I lived in California, the city had trash service that picked up trash, glass, aluminum, and paper in separate bins. If my current city made it convenient to go green I'd do it but I'm not going to pile dirty aluminum cans in my car and drive it five miles out of the way. If I had a truck I'd consider it but still driving the additional ten miles may cancel out the environmental benefits.

Bottom line: Make it affordable and convenient and I'm on board.
DollyFan - 10/8/09 @ 11:33 AM: Rival | Side A
I do see your point. My recycle stop is only 2 blocks out of my way, so it doesn't cause me much of a carbon imprint. It was definitely easier when they had trailers set up in a lot of shopping centers for dropping off recyclables. I do always rinse out cans and bottles before they go in my trunk and always wonder about the extra water usage. Boy, there's ups and downs in every aspect of life.

Side A Comment

DollyFan - 10/7/09 @ 11:38 AM:
I recycle to help ease landfills and to help have a cleaner environment and to get things reused. Why throw away aluminum cans, or plastic jugs or newspapers or magazines and junk mail? Turn it all in and let it be made into something else to be reused. It can be a pain but should be something we all find necessary. I keep several boxes in my trunk to keep items separated. I keep plastic totes at home and even have boxes for waste at my salon. It doesn't take a lot of time to throw something in the right box INSTEAD of the trash can. The most time consuming thing is taking it to the recycle center but most of us pass by them everyday any way.
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