Weiner Backlash. Not a Sign of Future

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Considering the upset in New York’s 9th district where Bob Turner defeated David Weprin and in Nevada where Mark Amodei delivered a beat down to Kate Marshall you have to ask is this referendum on Obama and the Democrats?


Posted by in Politics / Elections on 9/14/11
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maddy crossie - 11/27/11 @ 10:37 PM:
I can not choice a side so im goin for the middle

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Rikki-Leigh - 9/22/11 @ 12:23 AM:
Thats no good?

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The Boss - 9/14/11 @ 8:40 PM:
While I'll be the first to proclaim just how happy I am to no longer see Anthony Weiner on television I do think the New York election has more to do with Obama and the Democrats handling of the economy.

Sure, the 9th district has a very bad taste of Weiner in their mouths but I'd be inclined to think they're intelligent enough to realize he was an Individual screw up and it was not the fault of the Democratic party that the congressman's name literally described his off the job behavior.

Frankly Obama has been VERY unfriendly to Israel and from what I understand this particular district in New York is highly populated with Jewish Americans. That too may have been a determining factor. But the bottom line is that it's more to do with Obama than Weiner.
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