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Posted by in Business / News on 5/01/08

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mama kaz - 5/2/10 @ 8:30 AM:
My husband took an early retirement from his union after 35 years of loyalty and they thanked him by cheating him out of half of what he was supposed to get. Our medical coverage was so bad after retirement that we finally canceled it after my husband had to go back to work. ( We couldn't get by on half of the retirement.) People have tried to unseat the union president we are tied to but every time someone steps up bad things start happening to them. The last guy saw himself and his wife get fired from their jobs. Then they started seeing a car parked across the street watching them. Then they were followed to the grocery store, church, and everywhere they went. Then thugs started knocking on their door and making threats. He finally had to back down because his family was in shambles. That's the same thing that's happened for the entire 35 years my husband was in that union. When the union president retired he eased his son into the job. They live a life of luxury while the workers are seeing their benefits deteriorate. I'll take the corporations any day over unions.

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rose528 - 5/1/10 @ 3:08 PM:
if we left it up to the corporations they would send us back to before we had unions and I don;t think that is what people want

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The Boss - 8/13/08 @ 5:40 PM:
If I'm being honest, I don't hate the idea behind unions. I hate the corruption that has taken place in so many of them. When they were actually there to serve the members of the union they were great.
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