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Ron Paul won the NH Debate

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In your opinion who won the New Hampshire GOP debate. (June 13, 2011) ? Ron Paul or Mitt Romney? If you don’t think either of these candidates won the debate take a neutral stance and state who you think won.


Posted by in Politics / Elections on 6/13/11
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TNinfidel - 6/20/11 @ 3:39 PM:
Sorry, I have to chose Bachmann. Paul seems a weak (his answer on what he would have done with the bin laden raid for example) and has a following of paranoid schizophrenics. A bit too toxic for me. Romney is a politically correct establishment Republican scumbag.

Herman Cain rocks as well. Bachmann, Cain or Paul would be great presidents. Far better than the current Traitor in Chief occupying the office. We need Libertarians.

Side B Comment

cutie122403 - 6/14/11 @ 8:42 AM:
I hate when they dodge the questions. If you can't give me a straight forward answer, how am I supposed to vote for you?
The Boss - 6/15/11 @ 9:21 AM: Ally | Side B
Politicians in general think of the American people as dumb sheople who don't read between the lines and in large, they're right. Just look at how many more people could identify lady gaga but don't have the slightest clue who the secretary of state is.
TNinfidel - 6/20/11 @ 3:41 PM: Rival | Neutral
You are absolutely right Mr. K. It's a sad state we are in...

Side B Comment

The Boss - 6/13/11 @ 9:30 PM:
I personally feel that Ron Paul started off weak but picked it up shortly there after. I was actually impressed with Mitt Romney even though going in to the debate I had a negative opinion of him.

Mrs. Bachmann, I like you but your responses to the debate questions and interview questions on the media drive me up the wall. Answer the damn question and quit dodging them. (Same goes for Pawlenty.)
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