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Is the wife swap family full of it or was the saucer balloon event a real - not staged event?


Posted by in undefined / undefined on 10/17/09

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cutie122403 - 11/7/09 @ 10:37 AM:
These people really need some help. I think the kids should be taken away to give them a chance to live "normal" lives and be kids.

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DollyFan - 10/27/09 @ 12:46 PM:
Very irresponsible for what they are teaching their children! Some people try WAY to hard to get attention.

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mama kaz - 10/26/09 @ 5:03 PM:
They should be so ashamed of themselves. It's bad enough to teach your children to lie but to deceive law enforcement and everyone else the way they did is unthinkable. They should be punished to the full extent of the law and the kids would probably be better off in foster care than with their irresponsible parents.
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