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Which party will be more relevant in the upcoming 2010 and 2012 elections?


Posted by in Politics / Elections on 4/10/10

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mama kaz - 4/18/10 @ 9:23 AM:
I think the majority of Americans are fed up with both parties and may turn to the tea party simply because they no longer trust Republicans or Democrats. We need some real change. We need a complete cleansing of DC. I've been to tea parties and have only seen a handful of inappropriate behavior. On the other hand, I attended an anti war movement in California to quietly show support for our troops and was afraid for my safety a couple times.I saw some very disrespectful and outrageous behavior from the war protesters throughout the course of the day. There were also some very nice people there who I had the pleasure of exchanging some very stimulating conversation with. The tone of that gathering was tense and very angry. I will take the tea party any day.

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The Boss - 4/11/10 @ 10:05 AM:
The GOP today is far from the GOP just a couple of years ago and this is in large part due to the tea party movement. Whether the changes are genuine or not is for another discussion.

While the tea party won't have any candidates on the ticket this November and in 2012 what there will be is tea party backed republican candidates that have conservative roots and ideology. (Personal Liberty, Smaller Government, Fiscal Responsibility even if that means saying goodbye to government and union jobs.)

For me, I certainly associate myself more so with the tea party movement than I do with the GOP. The media has painted these people as crazy, racists, hate mongers which is grossly inaccurate. I've attended three different tea party events including a march on Washington and the majority of the tea party attendees are very well educated on the issues and intelligence in general. Of course there is a very small percentage of people that are ignorant or belligerent which does nothing for the movement or their credibility.

Example: Knoxville Tea Party; there was one late teen girl who yelled out this is America not Amexico which was just plain ignorant and uncalled for. (That was the only outburst I heard that I thought was uncalled for.)

House Call on DC: There was a handful (About five people) who yelled and scorned members of congress in a unprofessional manor which I didn't approve of. However, when thousands upon thousands of people gather you will get a few bad apples.

Our trip to DC. (Mom and I)

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LIBERAL - 4/10/10 @ 11:30 PM:
Just curious what some of you think. If you are a conservative also just curious as to which party you believe you are more affiliated with, or identify with the most.
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