Netflix Price Hike is a Deal Breaker

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I Don’t Stream and DVD. No Problem

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Netflix has announced a significant price increase that equates to a 60% increase. If you currently have streaming and dvd’s it will go from $7.99 to $14.98; even more for blu ray. Is that a deal breaker?


Posted by in Tech / Companies on 7/13/11
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Sarah Forester - 9/21/11 @ 9:08 PM:
I have never had netflix so it wont effect me. =P

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AlbertG - 7/18/11 @ 1:38 AM:
People are upset about the forthcoming 60 percent Netflix cost increase. As a result, individuals are being forced to make the difficult activity decisions. With a little bit of calculation, you'll know which Netflix plan is right for you. Here is the proof: Surviving the Netflix price increase .
gonzo - 7/18/11 @ 2:16 AM: Rival | Side A
For me it was more about the poor selection they offer. They were offering decent, fairly new movies. Now they deleted a bunch of the movies the had for streaming and added a bunch of black and white and unknown titles. The money didnt bother me Id pay way more to stream Newer movies but it doesnt make sense to limit the selection THEN raise the price.

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The Boss - 7/13/11 @ 9:37 PM:
I've actually grown very fond of netflix since we got high speed internet fast enough to stream hd. I also watch a ton of movies on my cell phone. I've had the $7.99 streaming only plan for a while now and have no intentions on hexing it due this price increase since it's not affecting my bill. I hate it for those who have streaming and dvd's though. That sucks.

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gonzo - 7/13/11 @ 8:43 PM:
I was only using it for streaming mostly. I had a few blu rays sent to the house but I canceled my subscription yesterday. Id rather just get my movies from P to P.
The Boss - 7/13/11 @ 9:35 PM: Rival | Side B
What is P to P?
gonzo - 7/13/11 @ 9:59 PM: Ally | Side A
peer to peer

Side B Comment

The Boss - 7/13/11 @ 8:39 PM:
Ouch for those of you who stream and get dvd's by mail.

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