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It s time to sling some mud who s going to have the better season


Posted by in Sports / Football on 4/24/08

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mama kaz - 5/2/10 @ 8:20 AM:
Florida without Tebow will bring them back down to a normal level. That guy did it all and I loved him and hated him at the same time. I think we may actually have the better team this year because the down side of having a quarterback like Tebow is that you have to do a lot of restructuring unless you find another Superman. Go Vols! Gator done!

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DollyFan - 6/9/09 @ 1:46 PM:
Always on the side of UT, especially when they're playing the Gators.

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Jana Banana - 5/22/08 @ 4:14 PM:
im a florida girl. its runs in my blood :]

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The Boss - 4/28/08 @ 11:00 PM:
I hope your right. I guess I have some homework to do, I haven't heard much about the teams changes.

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livefreeordie66 - 4/27/08 @ 3:21 PM:
Even with Tn new offensive coach, and what he is bring to the field, the gators are coming to Knoxville..Vols...35....Fl....20....c u at the GAME
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