Spin and Tuck

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Twist tie til its all gone

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I think it's pretty self explanatory


Posted by in Health / Foods on 2/08/13
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Side A Comment

Tim Donk - 2/11/13 @ 11:07 PM:
Maybe I'm just lazy,but once a few slices are gone it's to the trash with that twist tie. I also insist that the heel remain in the bag til the last piece is gone....Thats a whole other debate :~)
The Boss - 2/12/13 @ 7:35 AM: Rival | Side B
We aren't animals! The heels don't get eaten in our house unless someone is REALLY desperate for a peanut butter sandwich and they're the last pieces of bread in the bag.

Side B Comment

Jeff - 2/10/13 @ 9:22 PM:
I agree with you buddy on the twist and tie

Side B Comment

The Boss - 2/8/13 @ 11:01 PM:
So long as the twisty tie is still around I'm all about keeping it in the mix. If it breaks or goes missing Spin and Tuck it is.
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