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It turns out that Papa Murphy's pizza proudly accepts EBT customers. Is this okay with you? You can buy candy Easter baskets, pull cash out daily, and now pizza apparently. Has FOOD STAMPS fallen astray or is the program doing what's right?


Posted by in Health / Foods on 7/03/11
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Side A Comment

The Boss - 7/3/12 @ 7:24 PM:
Working in the grocery industry has really made me dread the first week of EVERY month! If you don't agree with the following comment then you might try spending a few hours in your local grocery store the first couple days of any month.

This weeks EBT summary:

Two EBT customers within 5 minutes of one another had the nerve to %*%$ about the number of registers open at the Athens, TN Wal-Mart. One woman was so horrendous that I actually cringed at the sound of her voice and then after *#&*??$ the brilliant woman realized there was several self checkouts open.

Another customer, a man yelled out, "I would fire half of your sorry asses". How do I know they were EBT customers? I was stocking the gum at the front registers and in both situations spotted that glorious American Flag covered piece of plastic.

I landed myself in the middle of a full blown EBT and WIC negotiation among a couple of friends where one man offered to buy an item for the other man because he could pick it up on his WIC. I'm so glad you people are able to negotiate how the money you are stealing from those of us who actually contribute to society.

I also spotted a very nice dressed young women sifting through her WIC certificates as she was casually texting on her Blackberry. This is unacceptable. If you can't afford to feed your Flipping child then how in the hell can you actually afford a blackberry and the pricey service that comes with that device?

Of course you can't go a single EBT shopping spree week without seeing the 19 something woman with a child pushing one buggy full of groceries with another full buggy trailing behind her(Filled with frito's, ice cream, suger filled cereal, etc...).

Political correctness has made it unacceptable to frown on this behavior and actions but I'm done with the PC; If you've been receiving EBT benefits for more than a few months and your EBT isn't being funded by alimony or some other source other than the tax payers guess what? Chances are you're Trash and you make me sick. ;) Not only are you stealing from working Americans you are deterioration our society as your kids are learning from you day in, day out. Thank you for the wonderful influence you are providing your children.

Side A Comment

The Boss - 2/22/12 @ 9:44 AM:
Heard an interesting comment on the radio the other day.

The caller who was sick and tired of the constantly growing number of leaches in our society said,(based on my memory) "It's funny when you think about it. In our public schools they layout strict guidelines on what our children can bring for lunch yet we can't tell the those on ebt what they can purchase."

This is a growing problem as the latest numbers I've heard are that in Tennessee there has been a 40% rise in those collecting welfare; it's now up to one out of every five people is stealing from productive citizens to load there buggies full of unhealthy &!?#? (That's 20% for you ebt recipients.)

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Jeff - 10/7/11 @ 7:59 PM:
See this happen far to often

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DollyFan - 7/25/11 @ 11:10 PM:
Not a big fan of food stamps (EBT). Ran a convenience store for many, many years and saw food stamps get used for soft drinks, candy, chips, etc. which is bad enough since there is no health value to these items. BUT then after buying these "food" items with food stamps, they turn around and use cash to purchase cigarettes, beer and lottery tickets. Definitely needs to be stipulations on what food can be purchased and also how long people can be on welfare!

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The Boss - 7/8/11 @ 8:38 AM:
Here's some interesting video's.

Really? They just want to help people because they don't have any money? Really? Ungrateful!!!! You are given hundreds of free dollars you DON'T have to work for.

This one can't be embedded:

The great thing about these videos is that these thieves have been caught but how many thousands haven't been?

Side A Comment

The Boss - 7/8/11 @ 8:28 AM:
Let me start by saying the kids should never be disregarded because their parents are lazy trash, they should fed and have their health care taken care of. The parents on the other hand should not be given long term support for themselves and any welfare programs should be initiated in a manor that prevents the parents from taking from the kids for themselves. One thing I like about WIC is the parents are required to take the kids to dietitians to make sure they're getting the nutrition they need. This helps ensure the kids are actually getting fed and the parent's aren't taking it for themselves or selling their WIC vouchers for cash.

I also have to address the fact that EBT cards contain funds from things like child support which should never have been inter tangled with food stamps. Food stamps should function almost identically to WIC, there should be only a handful of items that can be purchased. Such as bread, milk, vegetables and fruit(canned and fresh), limited amounts of hamburger and chicken to keep welfare recipients from using the meat to feed their dogs (which they actually do). Next time you see a shopper around the first of the month with a buggy maxed out with 30 lbs of ground beef piled in with it you might want to ask if their starting a restaurant as one customer did at a local food city only to find out they weren't allowed to buy dog food on ebt so that's what they were feeding their dogs.

EBT shoppers can actually pull cash out of their card on a daily basis. This to me is unbelievable unless it's only being allowed for ebt recipients who receive external funds from child support.

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cutie122403 - 7/7/11 @ 11:47 PM:
I'm sick and tired of my hard earned money having to pay for them. There should be a limit to food stamps.

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belinda baker - 7/5/11 @ 8:19 PM:
I,m not totally against people that actually NEED help, but for them to go and buy pizza or any other food that is already prepared is not right.
The Boss - 7/8/11 @ 8:32 AM: Ally | Side A
For the record I believe papa murphy's is take and bake but to me the fact that it's not prepared is irrelevant. It is junk food, period, end of story and WE are paying for it.

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cutie122403 - 7/3/11 @ 9:35 PM:
This makes me SOOO mad! I am So sick of Welfare! I see it everyday and I'm tired of paying for everyone's way! There should definitely be limits on what they can purchase. They should only be able to buy the essentials and nothing more! They are the ones that buy nothing but junk food, I see it everyday!

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The Boss - 7/3/11 @ 9:31 PM:
What you can't see in the picture on the right is the following from Papa Murphy's website:
Does Papa Murphy's accept EBT — Electronic Benefits Transfer?

Yes. Papa Murphy's gladly accepts EBT at nearly every store location. Contact your nearest Papa Murphy's for details.

They also PROUDLY display large window decals on their front doors proclaiming the acceptance of EBT.
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