Sony Bravia 46" KDL-46W4100

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Sharp Aquos 46’’ LC46D65U

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Sony: $1,599 vs. Sharp: $1,350
Which should I throw up on the DELL Credit Card?


Posted by in Tech / Devices on 1/13/09

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gonzo - 1/19/11 @ 9:21 AM:
I have the aqous and i really like it. everything looks so vivid and bright. the blacks are a little fuzzy sometimes. I can watch this tv with the sun hitting the screen.

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Dennis Plucinik - 7/7/09 @ 7:38 PM:
I ended up going with the kdl40v5100 @ ~$1,100 on the Dell cc w/ no interest for a year and free shipping :) gotta love when the economy is down!
The Boss - 7/7/09 @ 7:40 PM: Ally | Side A
That Dell card of yours has some miles on it. That's a nice TV. After viewing a screen larger than 42" you'll never go smaller.

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Dennis Plucinik - 1/16/09 @ 9:09 AM:
I just saw them both at Sears a couple days ago and I'm convinced the Bravia is the one I want.

I think the one defining difference that sold me was the blacks are much blacker.

Another funny thing is that when I compared this Bravia to the XBR version, I couldn't really see a $1,300 difference. I guess the XBR is for those people who really need to think they need to have the best :)

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MARV - 1/14/09 @ 10:29 AM:
i cant afford either one.

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Jeff - 1/13/09 @ 4:54 PM:
Hey Im with you fellows....(No clue on this one lol)

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Dennis Plucinik - 1/13/09 @ 12:15 AM:
Here's a review on the Aquos:

...and here's a review on the Bravia:

I've always known the Bravia to be the best, and $250 more isn't that much.
The Boss - 1/13/09 @ 5:14 AM: Ally | Side A
Seeing how I worked in electronics at Sears for four years I have an opinion here. In my opinion the Sharp Aquos has always been overpriced and has never looked as good as the Bravia lcd. I remember when we got the first Sony Bravia lcd on the sales floor, it was the star of the whole store. It was so beautiful, crisp, and vibrant.

I guess I also have a slight biased for Sony seeing how I have a KDS-R60 XBR3 in my living room.
The Boss - 1/13/09 @ 5:15 AM: Ally | Side A
Correction: KDS-R60 XBR2
Dennis Plucinik - 1/16/09 @ 9:10 AM: Ally | Side A
Is this the one you have?
The Boss - 1/16/09 @ 3:10 PM: Ally | Side A
That would be my tv. We have a 42 inc Panasonic plasma on the wall in the bedroom.
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