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Boyscouts, Girlscouts, Shiners, Etc... When you spot them selling something at Wal-Mart what do you do? Front or Side?


Posted by in Other / Humor on 10/06/09

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TattedAngel - 3/13/10 @ 12:32 AM:
lol I don't even usually have to say no...I act like I'm caught up in a conversation with whomever I'm with and jsut walk on by. LOL

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Ripi - 10/8/09 @ 8:24 PM:
Smile and politely say No thank you ! and walk into Walmart..They wont come chasing after you. And they will be there on you way out. Just smile and say No thank you. You don't need to sneak around.

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Jeff - 10/8/09 @ 5:12 PM:
I dont mind them being there and since I work for walmart they dont ask me to buy things lol its the folks who have kids that I get caught by lmao.

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DollyFan - 10/7/09 @ 11:21 AM:
I can't help with every cause but that doesn't mean I can't be man enough to say "No thanks" when approached. Believe me, I'm human and it does make me feel kind of bad but I'm not made of money. Everything from food collections to girl scout cookies and boy scout popcorn. Of course, having been in scouting from ages 8 to 20, I don't like saying know to the boys but I don't really need a $15 box of popcorn. Actually, at Lowe's last weekend, the same scout asked us twice on our way in and didn't even realize he'd already asked us. Oh, and now it's getting to the season of the red buckets of the prejudiced Salvation Army. At least I can always go to Target because they don't allow groups to do this on their property.

Side B Comment

The Boss - 10/6/09 @ 6:53 PM:
After buying several boxes of girl scout cookies and donating a couple dollars to Shiners I have to admit I dodged the boys couts selling popcorn outside of Wal-Mart by sneaking in the side door. Enough is enough, times are rough.
cutie122403 - 11/7/09 @ 10:42 AM: Ally | Side B
It's easier for me to go through the side door because it is so hard to to tell the kids no.
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