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Our country is in a critical turning point, which way is the traditional way we were founded on?


Posted by in Politics / Other on 3/03/09
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DollyFan - 6/18/09 @ 8:43 PM:
This country hasn't turned their back on God, in my opinion. This country has tried to remove religion from politics. God still cares for the millions and millions of Americans who turn to Him.

As for socialized medicine, I am not for it. But we might not have ever headed to that direction if the medical companies, insurance companies, doctors, etc. weren't so greedy. Have you ever seen a statement from a hospital stay where you've been charged $5 for an Advil or $8 for a box of Kleenex? And the extrodinarily high price of other things goes on and on. I will say again that I don't want socialized medical care but something has got to be done to straighten out our health care system!

Obviously, this country believes strongly in capitalism. Bailing out car manufacturers, the air travel industry, etc. does not capitalism make. The strong survive and the weak get taken over or replaced. That's capitalism but is not what America is seeing right now.
The Boss - 6/18/09 @ 9:41 PM: Ally | Side B
The one thing you're failing to realize is why are they charging $5 for an advil? You say it's greed; I'm not so sure. In part of course there is the greed to profit but that's in all of us.

The underlying problem to the high prices is the amount of uninsured people receiving emergency services (This includes mass amounts of illegal aliens), frivolous lawsuits against physicians (Malpractice), and people failing or refusing to pay for their portion of the services after insurance pays out.

The first step in my opinion is enforcing our immigration laws. Deporting illegals and strengthening our borders to keep them and others from coming back. Not only do we give illegals health services we also educate them. WTF?

After that, you have to figure out the best way to make insurance available for those who are willing to work for it and let those who are unwilling to work for it go without. Yes, I'm saying refuse services! It is those without insurance that are killing the rest of us.
The Boss - 6/18/09 @ 9:44 PM: Ally | Side B
Let me add, the LAST thing you want is the government offering a single payer option. It will destroy private insurance and give them control of an aspect of our lives that we can never get back. They will have the power to tell you whether or not you're worth saving. I'm not joking. If you're over a certain age they may set restrictions on what services you can receive due to your age. There are far too many who want handouts. I'm not willing to be the provider of those handouts.
DollyFan - 6/20/09 @ 8:19 AM: Ally | Side B
I was going to type in a long response and then figured....why bother. I agree with what you said. We shouldn't be giving illigals free healthcare and free education. And those legal workers who opt not to take insurance should then have to deal with the consequences. I go to the doctor for my normal routine check-ups and nothing else, each year. But my premium always goes up, even when I raise my deductible. Yet, I am smart enough to know that I need insurance when an unseen catastrophe comes upon my health, so I opt to keep purchasing over-priced insurance. Many have that option and decide to take the risk, then the rest of us pay. Wow, Ryan, we do agree on some things!!! :) BTW, I accidentally clicked on the arrow instead of reply, so that gave your comment a negative 1 by mistake.
The Boss - 6/20/09 @ 1:33 PM: Ally | Side B
I think we agree on more things than either one of us would like to admit. lol.

Don't worry about the down vote. I know a guy who has admin powers.

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mama kaz - 3/4/09 @ 10:27 PM:
I never thought I would see this in my lifetime but I agree with Ben that we are well on our way to becoming a Socialist country. If we can't find a way to stop the things that are happening in our government right now life as we know it will be changed forever. we should all think about what that will mean for us. Do any of us really want to live in a country where hard work is punished and government dependence is encouraged? Do we want to wait for months to receive medical care from doctors who can't speak English and who are trained in second rate foreign medical schools? (Do you really think our doctors will be willing to work under social medicine where the govt decides how much they will be paid and what treatment patients can or cannot receive?) Do we want a government that tells us what we can do and when we can do it? I would say "God help us" but it seems wrong to ask God to help a country that has turned their back on Him.

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big ben - 3/3/09 @ 11:20 PM:
Apperently this has already been a rivarly, but I ask to please forgive me. This is a very sensative issue. USA has a long tradition of hard work and opportunity to reach the American dream. What is the american dream today? I do not know. It is disgusting. We have 66 trillion in national liabilities. We have a defecit of 1.5 trillion. We have social security negative of 10 trillion. We have mediccare on the verge of bankruptcy.The new plan that is in the stimulus package is socialized medicine. are you kidding me? that will cost another 1.5 trillion a year! We can not even balance the check book of this country on a yearly basis. We will add more??? The stimulus is also going to fund the gaza strip? We are self destructing. Wake up America! THey are bankrupting us. I am not trying to push my views, but new world order is comming. Central world banks are trying to take over the worlds economy. If you need more proof. Go to prisonplanet dot com. This is sick. Liberalism leads to tyrany which is dictatorship! Look at the stock market people. Socialism is not going to improve this. Wake up/ People on a global stage are implementing this. I will fight! Will YOU?
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