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Blogging platforms are quite plentiful but there are some clear cut leaders of the pack. Considering Bloger and Wordrpess which one is the better option?


Posted by in Tech / Internet on 8/15/08
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SlashBe - 8/27/08 @ 10:03 PM:
Wordpress all the way. Its well on its way to being a full blown stand alone cms.
Dennis Plucinik - 9/4/08 @ 10:58 PM: Ally | Side B
I would say it's got a ways to go before it gets to the point that it can compete with Drupal or Joomla

Side B Comment

The Boss - 8/18/08 @ 3:52 PM:
I have a BLOGGER profile with a link to JealousBrother but I have never used it for blogging. It's a love hate relationship but WordPress is my choice. The options are endless with all of the great pluggins people share.

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sarahmcarr - 8/17/08 @ 10:13 PM:
Wordpress is WAY better than Blogger - functionality, plugin options & ability, etc. We've gotcha beat. Sorry! ;)
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