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Which would you prefer to rent your movies from? Do you prefer renting your movies from the constantly growing number of video kiosks such as Redbox or do you rent from actual brick and mortar video stores?


Posted by in Entertainment / Movies on 1/15/11

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Sarah Forester - 1/16/11 @ 7:44 PM:
We are huge fans of the redbox! In fact we have one to watch tonight. =)

Side B Comment

Jeff - 1/16/11 @ 11:26 AM:
We use the blockbuster and we get movies through the mail and then we exchange them at blockbuster and get more mailed in I like that.I've looked at the red box and dont care much for the selections some are old movies

Side A Comment

gonzo - 1/16/11 @ 11:17 AM:
I love red box. I dont have to deal with other customers very often and they are pretty much located EVERYWHERE now. eff you blockbuster and your late fees, you killed yourselves.

Side A Comment

cutie122403 - 1/16/11 @ 10:57 AM:
I would much rather rent at redbox for the obvious reasons, its cheaper and more convenient.
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